Similar to Codigo’s iPad Kiosk – but bigger! Connect with your audience by allowing them to interact with your content on a freestanding, large touch screen kiosk. Remotely manage all kiosks in your network via the web and work with Codigo’s design team to create an eye-catching, customer engaging user interface.


Using an intuitive system on their own time, users are more likely to explore the kiosk interface to learn about services, compare products, and increase their knowledge and comfort with your brand identity


Anything the web can do, your Kiosk can do with one finger! Have your users fill out forms to collect info, or connect with them via social media. Most importantly, you can lock down the kiosk’s domain so that only your desired interface can be accessed or viewed.


Attract their attention with an animated screensaver, and then reel them in with a wow-factor touch screen interface: There are endless ways you can capture the interest of your users and engage them with your brand identity in a way that creates trust and helps to build long-term relationships

Codigo Kiosk Features

  • Remotely control all kiosks in your network
  • Heavy duty enclosures for protection
  • Custom kiosk interface design
    • See Codigo Custom Content
  • Installation services available
  • Training

Products and Services

Codigo iPad Kiosk

With a proven, industry-standard iPad as its heart and soul, Codigo’s iPad Kiosk brings the power of the web into your retail space without sacrificing control and while minimizing your cost. Learn more »

Codigo Voice

Codigo Voice allows its users to engage audiences while on the phone. Remotely create audio messages that can be instantly sent to any phone system as on-hold messaging. Learn more »

Codigo Custom Content

Codigo’s motion design team works with you to create marketing masterpieces built to your specifications and ready for prime time airplay. Learn more »

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