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Cisco Digital Signs provides scalable, centralized management and publishing of high-quality content to networked, on-premise digital signage displays.

Built on the power of the Cisco Digital Media Suite, Cisco Digital Signs leverages the same hardware and management platform as and can interoperate with Cisco Cast, or can operate as a standalone application.

Cisco Digital Signs provides an innovative way for organizations in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare, sports, entertainment, safety and security, and transportation, to improve the customer and user experience, and strengthen competitive advantage.

  • Marketing: Promote, upsell, and cross-sell products and services directly to customers in the store
  • Enhanced customer experience: Deliver entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times
  • Communications and training: Broadcast real-time executive and internal communications; offer cost-effective, flexible training options
  • Information: Share up-to-date schedules, news and emergency messaging right where people need it most, in addition to providing real-time location and directional guidance
  • Advertising: Sell screen time and real estate to third-party advertisers

Additionally, when implemented with Cisco Show and Share—a webcasting and video sharing application of the Cisco Digital Media Suite—you can expand your reach to customers' and end-users' desktops.

Cisco Digital Signs includes the following product lines: Cisco Digital Media Manager, Cisco Digital Media Players, Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays, and Scientific Atlanta Encoders.

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Products and Services

Cisco Digital Media Players

The Cisco Digital Media Players are highly reliable IP-based hardware endpoints that handle digital media content display and playback—including high-definition live broadcasts and on-demand video, Flash animations, text tickers, and other Web content—across digital displays.   Learn more »

Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays

These large format professional displays are an integral part of the Digital Media Suite (DMS) . Cisco LCD displays are available in 32”, 42”, 47”" and 55" models and offer full 1080p resolution.   Learn more »

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