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Cisco Digital Media Players are highly reliable, IP-based hardware endpoints that enable digital signage and business IPTV through the ability to play high-definition live and on-demand video, motion graphics, Web, and dynamic content on digital displays. The Digital Media Player hardware options include support for standard-definition and high-definition MEPG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264, Flash, RSS, and other Web formats and dynamic data.

Using the Cisco Digital Media Suite's Cisco Digital Media Manager, organizations can flexibly and remotely publish centralized content over the Web to networked digital signs. Cisco Digital Media Players can be attached to virtually any on-premise digital signage display at any location—including branch-office banks, retail stores, school campuses, break rooms, or lobbies—helping organizations reach their key audiences anywhere, anytime.

Cisco Digital Media Players deliver flexible and real-time publishing; low ongoing operational costs and ease of use; speed of deployment; and leverage the scalability and power of the network.

Integrated with the Cisco Digital Media Manager, the Cisco Digital Media Players provide:

  • • Remote management of display (on and off, volume, contrast, and brightness)
  • • Full-screen video playback or “on-screen zoning” of multiple content types on a single display
  • • Customizable onscreen presentation templates and playlists

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Products and Services

Cisco Digital Signs

Cisco Digital Signs is a comprehensive solution for flexible and centralized management and publishing of compelling digital media to networked, on-premise digital signage displays.   Learn more »

Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays

These large format professional displays are an integral part of the Digital Media Suite (DMS) . Cisco LCD displays are available in 32”, 42”, 47”" and 55" models and offer full 1080p resolution.   Learn more »

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