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MP60S: 1080p Sound Bar Demonstration Player

The MP60S provides the absolute lowest cost solution while driving immersive 1080p video and Digital audio for a very high quality Sound Bar Demonstration Kiosk.

MP70 HD Media Player

Affordable and flexible method for real-time streaming from a centralized network media source and localized playback. Also supports multi-layered HD video and browser layers.

AiO710 Media Control Unit

Media Control Unit with 10” display

DVP19 DVI - 1 to 9 Display Video Wall Processor

A fully real-time Video wall processor that can scale 1 or 2 Video inputs to up to 9 outputs.

MP700 IP Digital Media Player

Compact and durable media player capable of true high definition 1080p playback and multi-layering.

MP75 High Definition Digital Media Player with GPIO

1080p HD Digital Media Player. MP75 is a cost-effective advertising solution that allows the user to play an array of 1080p video and audio content.

CE Labs Component Distribution Amplifiers

Distribute HDTV and analog television signals from a single A/V source to multiple television receivers with the new Component Distribution Amplifiers from CE Labs.

MP500 IP Digital Media Player

CE labs® compact and durable Ultra High Definition IP Digital Media Players are capable of true ultra high definition 1080p playback. With integrated playlist support, multiple control methods, and multilayering support for browser overlays, the MP500 has the ability to play extremely high bit rates for truly rich content.

MP60 High Definition Digital Media Player

MP60 is a cost-effective advertising solution that allows the user to play an array of 1080p video and audio content.

HA8-3|HA4-3 HDMI™ Distribution Amplifier With HDSTAY

The HA8-3 1 in 8 out HDMI™ A/V Distribution Amplifier is manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art Silicon ImageTM chipset which distributes a rich digital video and audio experience.

HX1K-3 HDMI™ UTP Extender Series

The HX1K-3 HDMI™ CAT5E extender provides continuous 1080p HDMI distribution through a single, cost-effective CAT5E cable extending a HDTV signal up to 328ft.

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