CastNET with MobileHere is a powerful solution that combines digital signage with the latest NFC technology. By placing an NFC-enabled phone against a CastNET with MobileHere digital sign, your customers and guests will be instantly directed to websites or rich media that downloads to their phone. Best of all, when messages change on the digital sign, the information provided to the viewer’s smartphone also changes each time they hold it up to the screen.

A significant advantage to CastNET with MobileHere is that collecting data about the effectiveness of your digital signage deployment is built-in to the system. CastNET with MobileHere records the NFC engagements with each sign on your system to an online database and provides reports on which displays and messages are being selected along with the date and time of day.

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CastNET Cloud

CastNET Cloud provides enterprise level digital signage without the need to invest in enterprise server hardware. Learn more »


CastNET Emergency Visual Notification (EVN) System adds visual alerts to public address and emergency audio systems. Learn more »

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