The HD120 is ideal for simple looping video playback or basic interactive presentations, which can easily be created using the included BrightAuthor software application. BrightAuthor offers an intuitive drag and drop interface and provides templates and tools to build both looping and interactive playlists for both full-screen and multi-zone layouts. Presentations are published directly to an SD memory card, and simply inserted into the player for quick and easy playback.


  • Delivers Full HD 1080p video playback
  • Includes a robust media handling platform for superior video and image playback performance
  • Supports both looping media and interactive presentations
  • Offers multi-zone and full screen layouts supporting video, images and text tickers
  • Includes interactive controls via a GPIO port for buttons, lighting, and show controller applications
  • Contains a real-time clock for date and time zones, scheduling and dayparting
  • Packaged in an ultra-compact size and easily mounted out of sight
  • Offers HDMI and VGA connectivity

Includes BrightAuthor Software for looping and interactive playlist creation and publishing

Products and Services

BrightSign XD1230 - Networked Interactive Player with Live HDTV

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BrightSign XD1030 - Networked Interactive Player

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BrightSign HD1020 - Networked Interactive Player

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BrightSign HD220 - Networked Player

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