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Digital Signage Solution: VitrineVitrine, the latest plug-and-play digital signage solution from Apollo Display Technologies, is an elegant stand-alone or wall-mounted multi-display unit with up to six TFT LCDs for indoor advertising or customer information.  Vitrine provides a slim, sleek, cost-efficient solution for any indoor area where advertising or information needs to be displayed in one location on multiple monitors. Vitrine’s utilization of Apollo’s Windows-based ArtistaControlCenter™ software (available separately) in conjunction with Apollo’s ArtistaUSB™ or ArtistaNET™ (LAN) controllers makes Vitrine easy to use and program from any standard PC. (A low cost SBC w/ 1Ghz ULV processor and 1GB memory will suffice.)


Digital Signage Solution: Vitrine

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ARTISTACONTROLCENTERLITE software controls multiple displays simultaneously displaying similar or different content with just one user PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface. Learn more »

ArtistaNET™ LAN digital signage controller board

The ArtistaNET™ LAN digital signage controller board makes it possible to integrate a wide range of TFT LCDs over a LAN or WLAN network without the use of a Client PC. Learn more »

ArtistaUSB digital signage controller board

The ArtistaUSB digital signage controller board makes it possible to control VGA & SVGA TFT displays via a standard USB interface – with no graphics card required. Learn more »

Network player: ArtistaMEDIA

ArtistaMEDIA is a network player for playback of media files in MPEG/2 or MPEG/4 format from CompactFlash card or hard disk drive. Videos can be loaded or updated via Ethernet or USB.   Learn more »

PRISMA II Series RGB/DVI/Video Converter Boards

PRISMA II series RGB/DVI/Video Converter Boards provides cost-effective analog control for connecting TFT LCDs to standard graphics and/or video interfaces. Learn more »

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