Attract Customers with High Quality Signage Content on a Transparent Display

Present a product via a transparent display where the product can be placed inside the box. Thanks to the transparency of the display; video, images and other animated graphics can be displayed in front of the product. The eye-catching display will attract customers towards your product while providing them with information. Bring the shopping experience to another level by combining digital communications in-store.

This is an all-in-one package; all you need to do is upload your graphics.

  • Innovative product advertising
  • Increase product visibility
  • Enhance the shopping experience

The package includes a Digital Engine media player, a Transparent Display and Signage Software to manage your content.

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Products and Services

AOPEN DE3250 Media Player

A fan-less, ultra-thin media player, containing no ventilation holes; therefore perfect for use in rugged, dusty environments or moving vehicles. Learn more »

AOPEN Digital Engine DE6140

The AOPEN DE6140 takes computing power to a whole new level. This small and powerful system enables multi-display capabilities, for up to four Full HD screens. Learn more »

AOPEN Media Engine MEP320

The MEP320 is a reliable Android signage player with industrial-strength. With its thin form factor this SoC (system on chip) solution can be easily integrated into any scenario. Learn more »

AOPEN Digital Engine DES4100

This slim sized (35 mm) media player delivers high graphic performance and is able to fulfill needs for low-power consumption with the AMD embedded G-Series SoC (system on chip) platform. Learn more »

AOPEN Digital Engine DE7200

The DE7200 allows you to run the most advanced software seamlessly and helps you create an immersive digital experience with powerful built-in visual enhancements. Learn more »

AOPEN Digital Engine DE5100i

Thanks to the unparalleled graphic perfomance, you have the power to display impactful messaging with top quality visuals. Learn more »

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