NEXCOM is a trustworthy digital signage solution provider of all-in-one digital signage display solutions, in-vehicle signage platforms, video wall solutions, digital signage media players, self-service signage platforms and dynamic digital bulletin board solutions.

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NEXCOM's Digital Signage Players Enrich Shopping and Queuing Experience in Hungarian Telcos (Press Release)

Hungarian telecom stores deploy 600 digital signage players from NEXCOM to enrich their customers’ shopping experience and simplify display management.

NEXCOM’s Latest 4K OPS Media Player Increases Engagement at Airports, Enterprises, and Schools (Press Release)

NEXCOM’s latest OPS (open pluggable specification) media player, the NDiS M335 increases deeper engagement for viewers at airports, enterprises, and schools.

NEXCOM Fuses Digital & Physical Retail with Responsive Store Solutions

With eCommerce capturing a booming share of sales, physical retailers are challenged but not doomed because they provide irreplaceable touch-and-feel experience for brick-and-mortar consumers. To reinvent shopping experiences, many physical retailers are building "responsive stores" to merge the advantages of online and offline shops.

NEXCOM digital signage player now running Android

New media player runs on Android; company also features a Linux version.

NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Now Runs Android™ OS (Press Release)

NEXCOM has expanded its digital signage player NDiS series with the Android™-based NDiS B114 designed to help brick-and-mortar stores convert shoppers into buyers.

OPS Digital Signage Player Helps Accelerate Technology Rollout and Tap New Turf

The beauty of digital signage is the ability to deliver right message to the right audience. To realize this ambitious goal, digital signage needs new technologies and needs it fast.

NEXCOM Compact, Fanless 1080P Media Player for Budget Users (Press Release)

NEXCOM has released two compact yet powerful 1080P media players NDiS B323 and B324 to help budget users effectively communicate with customers. The NDiS B323 and B324 feature superb graphics power, internet connectivity, and low power consumption. Combining compact &...

Building Engaging Cloud Classrooms with Digital Media Players

Traditional “chalk and talk” teaching methods that suited previous generations may not necessarily be effective for students who were born in the digital age. Educating digitally savvy students requires more interaction, visual learning, and collaborative activities, and thus demands more...

Signagelive driving NEXCOM 4K video wall at ISE14

U.K.-based cloud-based digital signage technology supplier Signagelive announced it will demonstrate its 4K support capabilities for NEXCOM's NDiS B842 video wall player (an ultra-high-definition digital signage panel comprising 4 x 1080p outputs) being launched at this year's Integrated Systems Europe...

OPS Media Player NDIS M533 Wows Audience with Quick Interactive Response and 4K Ultra HD

NEXCOM OPS media player, the NDiS M533 is designed to elevate the viewing experience with quick interactive response and 4K Ultra HD content. Featuring the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5-4400E processor, the NDiS M533 combines premium graphics capability, improved system...

NEXCOM intros new OPS-compliant digital signage media player

NEXCOM has a newly minted OPS digital signage media player that comes with advanced graphics capabilities and remote manageability, according to a company release. The NEXCOM NDiS M323 is designed to be a cost-effective OPS-compliant 1080P media player that integrates...

Intelligent and Interactive Digital Signage Spurs Retail Sales Boom

In the past, digital signage only provided oneway information playback. As technological development and Internet of Things (IoT) have advanced the graphics and sensing technology, digital signage are moving towards intelligent and interactive applications, bringing unlimited business opportunities for the retail and related industries.

NEXCOM Newly Minted OPS Media Player Comes with Advanced Graphics Capability and Remote Manageability

NEXCOM NDiS M323 is a cost-effective OPS-compliant 1080P media player that integrates advanced graphics capability and remote manageability, bringing budget conscious users the premium features mostly found on premium-priced players.

Connected Digital Signage Delivers Seamless Retail Experience to Combat Showrooming

Although online shopping provides convenience to customers, brick-and-mortar stores still offer richer retail experiences that online stores cannot provide, such as exclusive in-store services and hands-on experiences where customers can see and touch actual products before purchasing.

Digital signage players guide grocery shoppers to best deals

Digital signage provider NEXCOM's NDiS 163 digital signage players have been widely deployed across hundreds of supermarkets in Belgium with the goal of guiding customers around stores to find the right product at the cheapest possible price, the company said...

Intel takes aim at 'omnichannel problem' with digital signage CMS

Intel makes a move on content management systems for digital signage.

NEXCOM intros fanless media player for digital signage

Digital signage technology provider NEXCOM has released a new fanless digital signage player, the NDiS B533, that it said "is designed to redefine customer experience in a smart, stunning and secure way." The NDiS B533, based on the fourth-generation Intel...

NEXCOM COM Express Module Based on 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors Enhances Compatibility and Boosts Performance (Press Release)

NEXCOM COM Express Type 6 Basic module ICES 670 comes with a full design package, aimed to stimulate innovation of intelligent systems by facilitating system integration.

Maximize Uptime in the Connected Factory

Reliable operation of machinery is key to productivity in the factory. However, monitoring the many devices that keep today's production lines running in optimal condition is a major challenge, especially when the machines are widely dispersed in different factories.

OPS Digital Signage Player Helps Accelerate Technology Rollout and Tap New Turf

The beauty of digital signage is the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience. To realize this ambitious goal, digital signage needs new technologies and needs it fast. To answer these needs, NEXCOM develops the NDiS M532,...

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