LG-MRI is the global leader in enterprise LCD display solutions. Indoor and Outdoor Digital Displays / Arrays spanning from 49" to 98" in size.

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What Makes a Display Look Fantastic?

High contrast in the context of both brightness and color is key to achieving attention-grabbing images, but what those terms mean isn’t always clear.

LG-MRI launches new outdoor display

Outdoor digital signage company LG-MRI has announced the launch of its Generation 10 BoldVu outdoor display. It is designed with great color saturation and contrast than older models.

Keeping in The Loop

Digital displays from LG-MRI help the city of Birmingham, England, showcase the redevelopment of its city center.

WindowVu® Storefront LCD Displays

Turn heads with brilliant, dynamic advertisements and promotions from the storefront. WindowVu® displays produce 3000 nits of luminance so they look bright, even in direct sunlight.

Way2Vu® digital menu boards

Way2Vu® digital menu boards increase sales, boost order efficiency, and connect with guests in a smile-inducing manner that keeps them coming back for more.

ThruVu™ Digital Cooler

Introducing ThruVu™ Digital Cooler solution for point of purchase and point of sale applications. This innovative digital cooler replaces the entire conventional front door glass with a transparent Digital LCD Display assembly.

TAXIVu® Digital Advertising on the go

Digital advertising no longer has to be stuck in one place. With TaxiVu®, dynamic advertising is ready for the road.

BasicVu® Product Overview

The BasicVu® line is perfect for semi-outdoor applications and features 850 nit brightness for viewing in non-direct sun.

BoldVu® Product Overview

The BoldVu® line is perfect for outdoor applications and features 2500 nit brightness for viewing in direct sun.

Year in Review: The top digital signage news of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we continue our annual look back at the digital signage year that was. After starting off our review with a look at the top 10 blogs posted to Digital Signage Today in 2015, we're moving on to a 15 for '15, the top 15 most-read news items on the site this year.

Check out the 9 coolest things we saw at the Digital Signage Expo

Not based on anything other than purely subjective opinions of something's "coolness," here are the best things we saw at this year's show.

Making the Right Digital Signage Choice for Storefronts

Traditional LCD displays generally haven't been a good solution for store windows, but developments in display technology are changing that.

Anheuser-Busch deploys 1,000 transparent digital signage coolers

MRI has deployed 1,000 of its ThruVu Digital Coolers for the beer-brewing giant and parent company of Budweiser.

Transparent Screens Leaping off the Big Screen and into Stores

Once strictly a special effects invention, transparent displays are poised to become a central player for in-store marketing efforts.

5 for 5: Taxicab digital signage and video walls, menu boards and 9/11

It's time for a look back at the most-read articles on Digital Signage Today in September, and what we can learn from them.

How Digital Signage Choices Affect TCO

Decisions made during the planning stage of a digital signage deployment can have a significant impact on the costs associated with startup and operation.

Digital signage under the weather offers bright forecast

Outdoor digital signage displays may cost more up front than indoor digital or static displays, but not in the long run.

Outdoor Digital LCD Displays

Deploying digital LCD displays in outdoor environments presents unique challenges. Learn how to overcome direct sun load and varying temperatures as well as combat elements such as rain, snow and wind, all while trying to get the desired return on investment.

Is the digital signage industry finally starting to consolidate?

Is the recent spate of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures a sign of things to come in the digital signage industry?

MRI joins forces with LG for outdoor digital signage

Manufacturing Resources International recently announced it has entered into a joint venture agreement with LG Electronics and has formed a new, independent company, called LG-MRI. By combining the technical advances and patented innovations of MRI's BoldVu Outdoor LCD Display products...

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