Horizon Display is committed to championing the impact of display technology as a means of communication by educating our audience, consulting our customers and becoming intimately familiar with their business objectives.

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Why Realtors Need Interactive Displays

New residential construction is on the rise, and interactive touchscreens can serve as a great tool to match buyers with their dream homes.

Interactive Touchscreens Give Marketers an Edge

Touchscreen displays can offer a superior product demo and make it come alive.

Horizon Display rolls out Black Diamond kiosk

Horizon Display announced the release of its Black Diamond digital signage kiosk, which is described by the company as a supersized iPhone or iPad. The ADA-compliant multitouch displays are designed to be intuitive to iPhone users and can be customized...

Get your boss to say 'yes' to interactive digital signage

First, let me provide a little context. This blog was written to help you get your interactive hardware and software budget approved.

RFP for Interactive Experiences: Why You Didn't Win the Contract

So your company invested a significant amount of time in preparing a project bid but didn't win the contract. Here is food for thought for next time.

Secrets Revealed - Part I: How to Ensure Your Interactive Deployment is a Success

In part I of Secrets Revealed: How to ensure your interactive deployment is a success, Horizon Display’s project management experts reveal their secrets to the first phase of deploying a successful interactive solution.

Touchscreen displays cost how much?!?!

Although there are plenty of experiences in a person's life to remind them "you get what you pay for," there are still many stalwarts out there who believe that the cheaper way is the better way. We hear this all...

3 lessons Sci-Fi movies teach us about interactive experiences (Commentary)

Wouldn't it be great if all you had to do to create an awesome interactive experience was copy what we see in the movies?

Three Reasons Why Custom Interactive Software May Be Better For You

Although prepackaged touchscreen software may save in the beginning, a custom product may be the better long-term value.

5 Companies Who Are Leveraging the Power of Interactive Video Walls

In May of 2012, GE Capital Fleet Services officially opened its Vehicle Innovation Center, a place to bring stakeholders, customers and outside organizations together.

A View into One of Today’s Most Prestigious Stallion Farms

WinStar Farm is one of the premier farms in Kentucky. The Farm is home to some of the best race horses in the world, and offers amenities equal to a Las Vegas pent house to their animals.

Universities and Interactive Technology 101

Have you ever wondered what a university in the future would look like? Does your mind instantly wander to a campus with glass walls and hover boards? Mine too. Maybe you figured it’s going to be something like universities now:...

4 Companies and Their Innovative Interactive Kiosk Strategies

It’s becoming more and more evident that companies have to present engaging and dynamic content to their audience to capture their attention.

Horizon Display's Guide to Interactive Project Management, Custom Engineering Design & Program Support

To describe the entire end-to-end process of interactive digital signage would require more than a How-To eBook. Still, we’ve attempted to boil down the major components that horizon assists in managing, our services leading up to (and including) implementation, and support after installation.

Multitouch Integration Transforms the Digital World

Visit anyplace where large groups gather and you’re bound to see it: people with smartphones in hand; sliding, pinching and otherwise interacting with the content on their phone screens via a variety of finger motions. Although at first glance there...

Finding the Perfect Touch Screen

Whether you are an industry expert, a big brand Dreamweaver looking to engage your audience or a solutions provider looking for the next “big thing,” your vision of success probably includes the use of touch screen technology. It is by...

The Future of Interactive Digital Marketing is Here with Windows 8

With commercial-level applications available on Windows 8, marketers can deliver new levels of consumer engagement through interactive marketing.

Horizon Display's Pocket Guide to Touch Overlays and Touch Monitors

Horizon Display’s touch monitors are created through a proprietary behindthe- bezel design process. This preserves the OEM look and feel of one consolidated unit. The bezels are constructed as one solid piece to provide optimal protection for the touch components beneath.

5 Companies Who Are Leveraging the Power of Interactive Galleries to Tell Their Story

This e-book details how companies such as Neutrogena, Samuel Freeman Gallery, MojaMoja, Wyland and Dell are leveraging Horizon Displays' interactive display systems for all aspects of their consumer-focused communications strategies.

Horizon Display Adds Two Designer Multi-touch Tables to their Interactive Solution Offering; Fully Functional Works of Art (Press Release)

Horizon Display, an interactive solutions agency headquartered in Orange County, Cailf. , has announced the launch of two new designer interactive multi-touch tables, “The Agent” and “The Producer.”

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