Betting on Digital Signage

Valley Forge Casino Resort needed to find a partner to help manage its digital signage content strategy. It hit the jackpot with Specialized Productions Inc.

What Makes a Display Look Fantastic?

High contrast in the context of both brightness and color is key to achieving attention-grabbing images, but what those terms mean isn’t always clear.

Is It Time to Refresh That Video Wall?

With the advances in digital signage technology over the past few years combined with falling hardware prices, it may be time to consider updating that video wall.

Content that Moves

Digital signage deployers who aren’t incorporating full-motion graphics into their content aren’t getting the full value of their investment.

WEBINAR: Maximizing Visual Engagement and the Customer Experience: Digital Signage for QSR and Fast Casual

Digital signage technology has evolved to create virtually unlimited options. How are QSRs and Fast Casuals using those options for optimal impact, and how are they leveraging the technology to create a more engaging and interactive experience?

[Infographic] Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

As the digital space of your market becomes more sophisticated, available projector technology needs to be more sophisticated too.

Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

Projection has long been part of the digital signage toolbox, and the advent of laser projectors make it an even more viable solution.

Using Chrome to Drive Digital Signage

Internet giant Google is betting that its Chrome operating system is going to be a dominant player in the digital signage market.

3D Digital Signage Beginning to Get its Due

The penetration of 3D digital signage has been slower than anticipated, but the technology is starting to grab the attention of network operators and companies looking to reach their customers with engaging content.

Tricks and Truth of Visual Performance on a High-Resolution LED Display

Learn tricks and the truth of visual performance on a high-resolution LED display with improper and proper LED driver ICs.

The Internet of (Healthcare) Things

The delivery of healthcare is changing rapidly. Organizations that delay in implementing new technologies, or make poor IT investments, might find themselves left in the dust.

The Changing Face of Interactivity

The ability to interact with digital displays has quickly become part of our lives, and that interaction includes much more than most people realize.

Digital Display Technology: An Introduction to Digital Signage

Digital signage is a viable and effective communications tool, but companies taking the first step in signage deployment will be much more successful on the playing field if they understand the basics of what digital media is and how it operates. Learn the basics of digital signage and how to make it most effective.

WEBINAR: Creating a State-of-the-Art Video Wall: A case study from UC Riverside

Higher education institutions are taking digital signage beyond on-campus wayfinding and announcements, using large-scale video walls to create high-tech educational and entertainment experiences for students.

Solving Common Issues with High Definition LED Video Displays

The resolution of digital displays continues to increase, but higher resolution introduces new issues in the appearance of source content. Technological developments in LED display drivers are helping address those issues.

The Connected QSR

Successful restaurant operators typically are skilled at serving great food, not managing IT infrastructure. A 4G LTE network can make the task of managing a restaurant's digital devices a breeze.

Three Dimensions of Opportunity

With digital signage quickly becoming part of the crowd, it's time for a new technology to stand out.

Digital Signage for Vehicles

Cars, trucks and buses long have served as a forum for advertising.

Interactive Digital Signage: Maximizing Engagement in Three Steps

Effective interactive content and technology enables business users, or deployers, to learn about their customers while showcasing their brands.

Getting to the Heart of a Quality LED Display

A tiny, often-overlooked component of an LED display can be the key to keeping that display doing its job for a long time.

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