Interactive Digital Signage: Doing it Right, Right Now

With the availability of no-coding interactive content creation, anyone can create and deploy interactive digital signage.

Digital Signage in Corporate Communications

Digital signage is moving beyond its traditional role as an advertising tool and is increasingly being used to convey information in a corporate setting.

Digital Signage in Retail 101

Although it’s easy to think of digital signage as simply a replacement for printed promotional material, that’s just the beginning. Digital signage in a retail environment can serve both as an additional salesperson and an extension of the retailer’s brand.

4 Advantages of IP-Based Video Walls

The days of connecting a video wall to an expensive video wall processor are falling by the wayside. These setups increasingly are being replaced by ones connected to a network.

Digital Signage in Health Care

Digital screens quickly are becoming a fixture in health care facilities, performing functions ranging from pointing the way to educating both doctors and patients on medical procedures.

Making the Right Digital Signage Choice for Storefronts

Traditional LCD displays generally haven't been a good solution for store windows, but developments in display technology are changing that.

RFP for Interactive Experiences: Why You Didn't Win the Contract

So your company invested a significant amount of time in preparing a project bid but didn't win the contract. Here is food for thought for next time.

Outdoor Digital Signage: Beating the Elements [infographic]

Digital signage deployed indoors lives in a controlled environment, generally with cool temperatures, stable lighting and minimal humidity. Outdoor digital signage, on the other hand, must work in the face of the harshest elements nature -- and humans -- can throw at it.

Three Reasons Why Custom Interactive Software May Be Better For You

Although prepackaged touchscreen software may save in the beginning, a custom product may be the better long-term value.

Retail Digital Signage: Form, Fit and Function

An effective strategy can maximize the benefits of digital signage in retail.

The Future of Interactive Digital Marketing is Here with Windows 8

With commercial-level applications available on Windows 8, marketers can deliver new levels of consumer engagement through interactive marketing.

DST hosting webinar, 'Wayfinding Comes of Age'

Do you know where you need to go? What is the fastest way to get there? Are there alternative routes? The term wayfinding is used to define how to move large numbers of people in a large area, such as...

Digital Signage Enhances Interactive Guest Experience

Le Meridien Hotel Taipei worked with Advantech to create an easy-to-use, informative digital signage network.

Content and Content Management for Digital Signage

Content and content management are crucial to a successful digital signage deployment. Understanding the types of content management software, content trends and the usefulness of aggregators can help a deployer create compelling, targeted content that drives ROI.

Digital Signage that Enhances the Retail Shopping Experience

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to communicate with customers in the retail environment, but poor digital signage can simply create confusion. For retailers, effective digital signage must be integrated into the store, engaging the customer, offer useful information and convey a consistent message.

Four Initial Considerations for Every Digital Signage Project

Careful planning can help ensure the success of a digital signage project. Learn about the four key elements of installation, connectivity, software and hardware when beginning a digital signage implementation.

Digital Signage Enhances Communication and Draws Attention of Consumers

TMI Forest Products knew its Lifestyle Fence System was a good product, but it needed to get the word out to consumers. AVI helped them find a solution, thanks to compelling digital signage in the retail locations.

Content Design and Aesthetics

It's a high-definition world, and consumer expectations for digital media are similarly high. Digital signage has raised the bar for content aesthetics and presentation, and this guide outlines the new rules for delivering rich media that will delight audiences and positively impact the customer experience.

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