AOPEN specializes in small form factor computing and touch display technology for digital signage, kiosks and POS as a leading global hardware manufacturer.

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Grassfish certifies AOPEN eTILE display, Digital Engine DE3250 media player

AOPEN's eTILE and Digital Engine DE3250 have been certified by digital signage software company Grassfish, according to a press release from AOPEN. AOPEN specializes in small form factor computing and touch display technology for digital signage, kiosks and point-of-sale systems.

AOPEN intros new enclosure for its digital signage media players

Digital signage media player provider AOPEN today announced its new Engine Core 650 enclosure for media players.

AOPEN reveals Engine Core 650 (Press Release)

AOPEN is excited to announce the new Engine Core 650. The 19" enclosure accommodates multiple Digital Engine systems for better and more secure storage. The Engine Core 650 has been designed for the AOPEN Digital Engine platform and can also accommodate Digital Engine sized KVM switch and RDM.

Using Chrome to Drive Digital Signage

Internet giant Google is betting that its Chrome operating system is going to be a dominant player in the digital signage market.

Year in Review: The top digital signage news of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we continue our annual look back at the digital signage year that was. After starting off our review with a look at the top 10 blogs posted to Digital Signage Today in 2015, we're moving on to a 15 for '15, the top 15 most-read news items on the site this year.

Welcome to the opportunity (and challenge) of digital signage

The digital signage industry is at a historic inflection point — declining equipment prices, ubiquitous connectivity, new hardware, and advances in predictive analytics are ushering in a new era in crafting the customer experience. But all that's at risk when the truck hits the road.

IntuiLab announces support for Google Chrome OS

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the no-coding interactive digital signage experience creation platform, has announced support for the Chrome OS.

Is the digital signage media player close to extinction?

Life as a digital signage media player may feel like a vulnerable place right now with System-on-Chip devices maturing on the market and gaining traction every day. But does that mean there's an asteroid headed the media player's way?

AOPEN unveils first commercial-grade media player based on Google Chrome in Europe

Electronics manufacturer AOPEN Inc. has unveiled its Chromebox Commercial for cloud-based display networks — which the company says "is the first of its kind" — running on the Google Chrome OS to deliver apps for the digital signage, kiosk and POS markets.

AOPEN launches Chrome-based all-in-one touch display

Global electronics manufacturer AOPEN announced the launch of its new ultra-slim Chromebase Commercial for digital signage, kiosk and POS systems.

AOPEN Reveals First Commercial Grade Chrome based All-in-One Touch Display (Press Release)

The first commercial grade multi-touch device on the market today, AOPEN’s powerful, ultra-slim Chromebase Commercial is highly versatile, tamperproof and requires zero maintenance; making it ideal for system integration in POS devices or kiosks.

AOPEN Unveils First Commercial Grade device based on Google Chrome (Press Release)

The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial is the first of its kind, running on the flexible Chrome OS, delivering powerful, reliable and secure apps for signage, kiosk and POS markets.

Promoting a Unique Restaurant Guide with the Eye-catching In-Store Showcase

Taste Twelve, restaurant guides highlights concept with compelling product promotion

DISE preloading AOPEN digital signage players

Sweden-based DISE International AB, in cooperation with Taiwan-based AOPEN Inc., has created digital signage player software tailored to the AOPEN MEP320 and AOPEN DE6140 media players.

Wondersign certifies AOPEN digital signage players

Duo are teaming up to offer turnkey solutions for digital signage media distribution.

Wondersign® Certifies AOPEN Digital Signage Devices (Press Release)

Wondersign and AOPEN are teaming up to offer turnkey solutions for digital signage media distribution.

AOPEN, Google partnering on digital signage products

New commercial-grade devices are making an entry into the digital signage, POS and kiosk markets made by AOPEN and based on Google's Chrome OS platform, AOPEN announced today.

AOPEN, Signagelive partner for retail digital signage

Cross-platform digital signage solutions manufacturer AOPEN and cloud-based digital signage technology supplier Signagelive are partnering to develop digital signage solutions for retail, the companies announced today.

Corporate communications being digitized (Press Release)

Rentokil Initial France chooses digital signage technology for its corporate communications in 29 sites

French digital signage firm certifies latest AOPEN player

Digital signage, kiosk and POS computing technology provider AOPEN's new Media Engine MEP320 media player has been certified by digital signage software vendor Telelogos, according to an announcement from AOPEN.

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