The missed opportunity cost of NOT having digital signage

Oct. 31, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

Sometimes it's the little things we don't even think about that could make a big difference in the long-run.

Something as seemingly minor as a little printed calendar of what's going on can represent a significant missed opportunity to engage with customers and promote other revenue-generating possibilities.

On a recent work trip I stayed at a nice hotel that seemed to be on top of its game: a glistening, modern lobby, well appointed rooms with a view, fluffy towels, etc.

Then, on my second day in the room, I spied, out of the corner of my eye, this:

What is that over there? Hidden behind the big-screen TV and the one-cup coffee maker? Oh, look, it appears to be a calendar of events here at the hotel, things like happy hour times, meal and drink specials throughout the week, etc.

Boy, I bet if I'd noticed that, I might've spent some more money at the hotel instead of eating every meal elsewhere, especially if there'd been some particularly enticing dinner special, maybe even with a picture of a mouth-watering steak ... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

And what if that little calendar also could've advertised to me some events at the local convention center? I bet they would maybe kick in a few dollars for that privilege. Or perhaps let me know all the benefits of the hotel chain's loyalty program?

Look, I'm sure the investment of buying hundreds of miniature digital signage displays to post in every single room in a hotel is not inconsiderable, but I also am sure I'd be willing to bet that it's less than the missed opportunity cost of *not* having some form of attracting attention and creating a relationship with customers that is more dynamic and engaging — not to mention sleek and professional looking — than a hastily run-off printed piece of paper.

Seems like they might even pay for themselves relatively quickly.

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