Forbes blog slams NYT blog for advertising on non-digital billboard (after reading about it in WSJ blog)

Jan. 20, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

In another sign that digital out-of-home is starting to percolate into the general consciousness, a blog posted earlier this week took another tech blog to task for advertising on a billboard, "but not the digital kind."

In a roundabout way of getting there, the Wall Street Journal's All Things D blog pointed out that the New York Times' Bits tech blog had rented space on a billboard on the southbound 101 in San Francisco.

The Forbes blogger, after reading the Wall Street Journal blog, realized that it was more than a little backwards for a tech blog to advertise how cutting-edge it is by advertising on a traditional static out-of-home billboard instead of a DOOH billboard.

While it's more than a little "meta" to write a blog post about a blog post talking about a blog that's talking about another blog, it's also more than a little interesting to see it all happen over digital signage, for at least two reasons:

1 - Because the Forbes blogger, Erika Morphy, is absolutely right. You might as well go paint the ad on the side of a barn. If you're a tech blog, doesn't it make sense that you'd be advertising in the most high-tech way possible?

2 - Because it says something about both the ubiquity and the utility of the medium that someone writing for a high-profile national publication would call out another high-profile national publication for not using it.

Now when someone writes about this blog, it'll be someone writing a blog about a blog about a blog about a blog...

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