Digital signage right vs. digital signage wrong

Nov. 30, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

It's funny how reporting on an industry changes the way you see things, or even the things you see.

Before I started covering digital signage I most likely never would have given a second thought to a point-of-sale digital signage screen showing nothing but static images — and then later compared it to POS interactive digital signage done right.

Exhibit A is a quick-service restaurant chain that has small, tablet-sized digital signage screens at the POS, but uses them to show only static images, and almost hides them behind other counter-stuffing visual noise.

DS at the QSR

Exhibit B is a smaller fast casual burger chain that uses an actual tablet as digital signage at the POS, but uses it to show more dynamic content (it may not be video, but there's movement), and makes it interactive to enroll customers in its loyalty program.

DS at the FCR

One might do slightly better than static signage or a cardboard stand-up just by dint of its brightness, but still doesn't do all that much to attract attention; while the other engages the consumer in his or her line of sight and from time to time actually gathers valuable customer data.

Yes, one is a globe-covering QSR chain with thousands of locations and the other is a regional chain with a relative handful of locations, but getting the most bang for your buck is getting the most bang for your buck regardless.

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