'A Day Made of Glass': The new 'Minority Report'? (Video)

June 25, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

Long before I even came on board here at DST, the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise sci-fi flick "Minority Report" had become something of a cliché in the digital signage world – after it was repeatedly over-cited as an example of what digital signage could be, ad nauseam.

Still, though, if you wanted to give someone an idea of some of the possibilities, both attractive and frightening, inherent in the rise of digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising, "Minority Report" was, and continues to be, a handy shortcut to an explanation for the uninitiated.

(I'll admit, I still use it from time to time to tell people who aren't familiar with digital signage — or at least don't realize they are — about what could be soon coming down the pike, sooner than they realize.)

But starting last year and then continuing into this, specialty glass and ceramics maker Corning began releasing its "A Day Made of Glass" videos that update our vision of a possible digital signage future.

While I'm generally loathe to post videos here that are basically advertisements for a specific firm, the two videos I've seen so far (and their accompanying companion piece) are worth a look, I'd say, for anyone either inside the digital signage industry, for ideas of what they can be or should be doing or getting ready for, or outside of it, for ideas of what the possibilities of this technology really can be.

(I mean, a touchscreen digital signage refrigerator? Really? Actually, with all the transparent digital signage cooler doors already popping up ...)

It would be a stretch to label everything in these videos as digital signage, but the technologies they represent are so obviously cross-applicable that we might as well start getting ready for a world where digital signage isn't just digital out-of-home, but digital in-home as well.

(Really? You think all this stuff in the home isn't going to end up with some way of advertising to people, or at least collecting data on them to be used for advertising or offering special promotions at some point? It must be nice there with the unicorns and the rainbows.)

But even when it's not going to be used for advertising, if you're already a specialist in streaming video to a screen from far away, or a display maker coming up with new and better screens to show it, why wouldn't you be making sure you've got the jump on some of these concepts?

Or if you're a retailer, getting ready to start designing your next flagship location, you think you might want to take a look at what might be possible with display technology very soon?

Watch the videos. Start getting ready.

(Take a look at the longer, "unpacked" version of the "A Day Made of Glass 2" video below:)

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