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The haunted house is big business, bringing in over $200 million every year.

And now the best of the best offer all-out terror enabled in part by video effects powered by digital signage controllers. Anyone who's known the multisensorial experiences within these haunted worlds will remember the conditions present — heat, steam, moisture, dry ice perhaps. A video experience present within this environment would have to be run by a stable, reliable media player – interactivity being a plus for certain scary effects. Digital signage offers dynamic possibilities in many verticals, and this growing industry is effectively leveraging the power of the technology in innovative ways.

Let's take a look at just one particularly disturbing video experience enabled by digital signage:

Pale Night Productions, a customer who is on the leading edge of gruesome, has a store overflowing with horrific experiences. One of my favorites portrays Zombies as they flood toward the chained doors and attempt to get through, making them physically move and strain the chains. Suddenly, gunshots ring out and zombies begin to drop. The last two zombies are shot and viewers are blasted with water to simulate blood splatter. The customer who orders this particular fright for their haunted house will receive pre-programmed control hardware, a solid-state video player, a monitor, flow control valves, digital sound, a 6-inch-by-23-inch mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical and pneumatic connections.

Whether you're involved with AV installation, haunted house operations or the production of these spooky effects, I'm sure we can all agree this is one of the more gruesomely interesting deployments of digital signage out there right now.

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