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Advertisers demand results. Many new network operators stress over this. But it is much more a good thing than something bad. Because when advertising works, a relationship between brands, agencies and network operators grows. Getting that relationship started is hard. One of the ways to improve your chances is to ensure that the advertising used by your clients works.

DOOH networks often work with smaller advertisers, who don't possess the resources to contract major agencies that have experience creating content for DOOH. There is also an educational gap between smaller companies with limited marketing abilities, who are limited by time and budget to traditional advertising vehicles. Though the factors are a little different, the rule of the relationship applies the same. Give a client measurable results and they will work with you again and again.

It is up to the DOOH network to motivate smaller clients, which can be done, for example, by creating case studies. But increasingly, successful DOOH networks work with their clients on the content itself too. The large range of formats of screens, coupled with different video formats and visual optimization, means that a network should have a content support system in place.

This can vary from working with a content group on an as-needed basis to contracting work from a digital video specialist. What is important is to accommodate your clients by making sure that whatever they give you is presented in the most positive visual sense. Having a team at your disposal who can work with your clients to develop content is ideal, but often the start of a working relationship means using what a client already has. If they see that the image is stretched or too bright, or have other problems, they will be much less likely to view the campaign as a success.

Going beyond the basics, a network operator should be ready to critique if necessary. If a network operator knows that one of their clients is using DOOH for the first time, they have a duty to prevent bad ideas from becoming a reality. Make sure they understand what they are doing. If they are prepared to run content that might fail to achieve its goal, the network operator should step in to advise a change in strategy. After all, it is the network operator who is the expert of their venues.

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Joe Matriss, Managing Director of Park Cast Network, an ad-based DOOH network with screens in public parking facilities in New York City and Chicago, shares his experiences, strategies and ideas to encourage more open dialogue between network operators for success across the medium.
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