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It wasn't too long ago that traditional AV integrators were called upon to satisfy the majority of video- and audio-related projects. But as digital signage grew and evolved from the simple distribution of broadcast video to software-based data network communications, so did the complexity and sales model to support it.

Today, we are seeing the growing trend where PC and display manufacturers are selling entire signage solutions directly to the end user. A trend that started with clients wanting to work with a single company that could design, deploy and support their entire signage project nationwide, as opposed to working with multiple suppliers and integrators. We call this the "One Stop Shop" or "One Throat to Choke" approach.

Although most of these manufacturers understand and do a great job in delivering parts of the signage solution, few of them have the overall knowledge, synergy and resources to deliver and support the entire solution to end users. The few that have been successful have done so by shifting from the traditional box-mover mentality to the value-add solution approach. By investing in sales engineers, project management and establishing strategic alliances with key complementary partners, the turnkey solution manufacturer was born.

The other vital component to this new approach is the ability to embrace the resellers and integrators whenever possible. Effectively balancing the needs of the channel partners and the end user business is critically important. You don't want to alienate the channel partners who, after all, provide the majority of the opportunities and business.

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  • Andre Floyd
    Great points Steve. Sony is certainly one of the companies that provides the value-add solution as we have long had the sales engineers, project management and strategic alliances with complementary partners. We have also worked hard to embrace and support our channel partners, as well as the architects and consultants who are key players in the sales process. Providing the information and support, pre- and post-sale, to all constituents in the digital signage sales process is really important.
  • Sam Mathew
    There are many companies providing complete solution for digital signage. The only major concern with the digital signage is its regular maintenance. If regularly maintained, it can yield long term results. LCD signage is growing with a pace.
  • COCO Felehoo
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