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Whether you call it digital signage, digital place-based media, digital out-of-home or simply DOOH, the media is all around us. Trouble is, most consumers—as well as many ad buyers and potential deployers—don't even realize it. People see it every day without grasping its presence and power.

Because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, we developed an infographic that shows, in a simple, easy-to-follow way, how digital signage really is everywhere, and how it can touch the average consumer multiple times throughout the course of her day.  For instance, one Arbitron study shows that 70 percent of Americans are exposed to place-based video screens every month, and 52 percent are every week.

Click to see the full-size digital signage infographic and grab the code to post it on your website. Show it to your clients and prospects, or take it straight to the CFO who has to buy into it. We believe the graphic will help explain how pervasive and powerful digital signage really is.

Digital Signage: It's everywhere in our daily lives


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  • daune weber
    This is a great graphic. Even being in the industry you can get desensitized to all of the locations where digital signage is used. I'd recommend more placement of exterior digital signage (electronic message centers) because each venue identified takes advantage of one the oldest forms of digital signage. We will be embedding this on our site.
  • David Little
    Timeliness of messages and availability of your intended audience may be the most fundamental reasons digital signage is effective. Two of the most basic reasons digital signage makes sense as a communications medium are its timeliness and availability.For more details visit @
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