What to watch for: Digital Signage Expo

Feb. 24, 2008
This week, the digital signage industry will have its eyes on Las Vegas, as the 2008 Digital Signage Expo opens its doors. Formerly known as Digital Retailing Expo, DSE 2008 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Feb. 27 and 28. The show is now in its fifth year.
"DSE 2008 has exceeded our expectations with one-third more exhibitors than the show we staged in Chicago this past May," said Chris Gibbs, executive vice president of ExpoNation, the company that puts on the show. Gibbs said DSE 2008 expects approximately 150 exhibitors.
The 2008 show is shaping up to be the largest DSE to date, something that industry members see as a reflection of out-of-home communications in general.
"The show is a good barometer of how the digital signage industry is growing," Gibbs said. "It is the largest show about digital signage globally."
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Here is a preview of the offerings from some of the show's exhibitors.
3M Touch Systems — Booth 438 At DSE, 3M will show its MicroTouch DST touchsystems, a chemically-strengthened glass, stylus-independent touch solution with fast, accurate, reliable response and operation unaffected by contaminants, static objects or other touches on the screen. DST is ideal for large-format LCD displays used for interactive digital signage and is available in 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch or 46 inch displays.
ABC National Television Sales — Booth 147 ABC New Media Sales, a division of ABC National Television Sales, represents the place-based media networks: The ABC In-Store Network in Meijer stores, Adtek Pump Top TV, Taxi TV, Prolink Solutions and Javits TV. It also represents the ABC Supersign in Times Square. ABC is also a provider of news and entertainment content for place-based media.
Advantech — Booth 250 Advantech designs and makes digital signage players and integrated touchscreen displays for signage and self-service applications. The company supports these products with worldwide logistics expertise, regional support centers around the world, and many local product teams to ensure the smooth, successful rollout of signage and kiosk projects.
Aerva Inc. — Booth 456 Aerva manages digital display networks that allow interactivity with displays via cell phones. Founded by MIT alumni in 2003, Aerva has deployed networks in the U.S. and internationally at schools/universities, sports bars, nightclubs, hotels, health clubs, retailers, health-care clinics, shopping centers, sports/entertainment venues and outdoor. The company's software technologies, AerChannel (for digital signage) and MoApp (for mobile applications), are based on a patented platform that is secure, scalable and robust.
AlivePromo Inc. — Booth 229 AlivePromo is a provider of sophisticated digital communications services designed around innovative content management and fulfillment strategies for digital signage and interactive kiosks. Built with more than 20 years of collateral management expertise in mind, AlivePromo is respected for proven, realistic digital sign solutions.
Capital Networks Ltd. — Booth 622 Capital Networks specializes in "software for signage." It provides multi-zone, scalable networks, interactive signage, data and content automation, advanced measurement, management and scheduling.
Celergy Networks Inc. — Booth 251 Celergy Networks is a national installer of communications infrastructure servicing multi-location enterprises in the U.S. and Canada. Installed technologies include wired, wireless and fiber networks to support voice, data and security applications. Celergy is a single point of contact source experienced in turnkey national rollout projects in most industries. To date, it has provided network infrastructure services to more than 45,000 client locations.
Channel M — Booth 569 Channel M is the largest provider of content and advertising for out-of-home video in North America. It produces award-winning, cutting-edge content that engages and entertains each venue's specific demographic. Its growing network enables marketers to reach a variety of demographics with television advertising, in-store signage, product integration and national promotions. Channel M's network includes 20,000 locations and offers marketers access to 7,000 locations with monthly traffic of more than 100 million.
Contemporary Research — Booth 849 Contemporary Research designs and creates smart solutions for system integration: AV tuners (HDTV, NTSC, and PAL tuners, IP and RS-232 control), AV tools (solutions for key system needs), SignStream (integrated HDTV signage and control), iC-Net (display systems that network over existing CATV coax) and FeatherTouch (custom control panels).
ET Media Inc. — Booth 155 ET Media is an embedded system design and solution provider, specialized in providing products and solutions for Internet-based digital media apps for consumer electronics and commercial apps such as digital signage. In particular, ET provides complex and dynamic media processing, playing and delivery over Internet with secure encryption using advanced DSP-based embedded media player and WDA-based servers.
Exhibio LLC — Booth 763 Exhibio specializes in developing digital signage and content management systems that are Web-accessible, reliable and easy to use. It offers solutions to create, integrate and schedule content on plasma, LCD or other displays. Each unit has an intuitive visual interface, exclusive to Exhibio, that enables users to easily create customized mixed-media displays. The company's patent-pending digital display systems can be updated from anywhere on the Internet using a Web browser.
Hy-Tek Manufacturing. Co. Inc. — Booth 357 Tek Panel manufactures and sells all-in-one widescreen LCD computers from 19 inches up to 57 inches. Using brand name LCDs and PC components, Tek Panels feature brilliant high-resolution displays with a powerful AMD- or Intel-based computer built in.
Magnetic Media Holdings Inc. — Booth 113 Magnetic, an end-to-end solution provider of 3D digital media products and services, has developed a patent-pending proprietary technology that modifies standard LCDs, enabling them to display 3D video content that can be viewed without the aid of any special eyewear.
Microspace Communications — Booth 637 Microspace's technology powers digital signage in nearly 10,000 locations with more than 30,000 individual signage displays. Customers including Abercrombie & Fitch, Instant Access Media, ClubCom and more rely on Microspace's VELOCITY digital signage satellite service to enhance content delivery across networks of all sizes at affordable rates. In addition to content delivery, Microspace also offers content creation, content aggregation, equipment installation and overall network management.
Netkey Inc. — Booth 205 Netkey is a provider of software that helps organizations communicate with customers and employees through digital signage and self-service kiosks. Netkey's feature-rich software is optimized to address the unique issues found in digital signage and kiosk deployments, including playlist and campaign management, content scheduling and delivery, security, remote monitoring and reporting.
Planar Systems — Booth 312 Planar Systems is a digital signage solution provider, offering CoolSign software, rear-projection displays, direct-view LCDs, touchscreens and kiosks. With its best-in-class user interface and rich functionality, CoolSign enables you to easily display, distribute and control digital media on networked displays from a central location. Planar's specialty displays offer the best image quality available on a large screen with built-in reliability that ensures continuous operation.
Premier Retail Networks — Booth 868 Premier Retail Networks is a trusted partner to the world's largest retailers operating in-store networks in more than 6,000 stores worldwide. Experience the most innovative new products at retail to engage shoppers, including solutions to improve category lift and improve customer experience at check-out, on endcaps, in departments and in other key locations throughout the store. Help customers shop smarter and turn shoppers into buyers with PRN's media solutions.
Prism Technologies Inc. — Booth 549 Prism Technologies specializes in digital signage, interactive and kiosk markets with strategy and design consulting, content design and development services, technology solutions and vertical market content solutions. As subject matter experts, Prism enhances and engineers the customer experience for clients, and achieves business objectives and desired results through its compelling data-driven content and technology platform.
Radical Computing Corp. — Booth 435 Radical Computing Corporation manufactures a broad line of innovative digital signage solutions. Built on breakthrough Adaptive Signage platform, the Retail Path Networks (RPN) is the first line of intelligent digital signage media players designed to automate content delivery based on transactional data extracted from inventory and point-of-sale systems.
RedPost Inc. — Booth 377 RedPost makes digital signage simple. At DSE the company will launch the next version of its Web-based sign management software, along with a new model of its 19-inch digital sign.
Reflect Systems Inc. — Booth 241 In-store digital media's power to increase sales, improve brand recall and enhance the shopper experience has been proven in numerous studies. Reflect Systems' software and service provide retailers with the tools to create and operate truly integrated in-store media networks — networks capable of interacting with other store systems to optimize the effectiveness of a retailer's message.
RichSource USA Inc. — Booth 100 RichSource Technology Co. LTD develops and manufactures the global price-value standard in network digital signage systems. RichSource specializes in providing software and hardware for digital signage solutions. Its state-of-the-art designs are feature-rich, affordable, durable and exceed the requirements of the world's most demanding marketing organizations.
Silex Technology America — Booth 177 The Silex MVDS is an innovative digital video distribution system that supports up to 1,024 digital signs using standard Ethernet hardware, or up to 32 digital signs using 802.11a wireless technology. At DSE, Silex will demonstrate its new MVDS video source switching capability, which allows the user to switch the content displayed on a digital sign between multiple video sources without the need for expensive switching hardware.
Skyline Retail Environments — Booth 255 Skyline Retail Environments designs and manufactures displays for digital signage systems. Skyline creates branded merchandising platforms that create a focal point for your program and put product within arm's reach of the customer.
Southern Vision Systems Inc. — Booth 265 Southern Vision Systems manufactures the voLANte(Video Over LAN Technology) digital signage system. High-resolution HD video or computer graphics, together with stereo audio can be transmitted to remote displays over a Gigabit Ethernet LAN. VoLANte offers unprecedented video and stereo audio quality in addition to real-time diagnostic capability at source and destination; it does not require special software or operating system support.
Spacenet Inc. — Booth 165 Spacenet's satellite networks provide a reliable delivery vehicle for content distribution with its efficient multicast capabilities to support digital media applications including digital signage, in-store music, distance learning and business TV.
Symon Communications — Booth 713 Symon is a leading provider of turnkey digital multimedia solutions for displaying eye-catching content on plasmas and LCD screens. Offering content management software, HD media players and content services, the solution schedules, broadcasts and manages digital content via IP networks and is ideal for retail and other venues.
Tightrope Media Systems — Booth 475 Tightrope will exhibit Carousel, a Web-based digital signage system that goes to work right out of the box, at DSE. Carousel is designed with simplicity, security and scalability in mind and is used nationwide in universities, hospitals, retail stores, corporate offices and more! Visit the Tightrope Media Systems booth to learn more about the power of Carousel.
Triveni Digital Inc. — Booth 819 Triveni Digital's Ensignia product line reflects the company's knowledge of networking, transmission and video. Complemented by LGE's expertise, Triveni Digital ensures the best possible quality by delivering Ensignia in a system environment that incorporates both software and hardware. Ensignia is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of entering the digital signage market while delivering superior quality.
USAV Group LLC — Booth 268 USAV Group is the nation's largest alliance of ProAV integrators. The Group designs, sources, installs and supports the spectrum of audio-visual systems.
Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. — Booth 704 Wireless Ronin Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions with the RoninCast digital signage software suite. RoninCast allows for centralized control of messaging while offering the flexibility to schedule updates in advance, incorporating database information and zone content for easier updating. Along with best-in-class software solutions, Wireless Ronin provides turnkey service solutions to assist in everything from planning to implementation to network support.
X2O Media Inc. — Booth 668 X2O Media is a full-service provider of technology and content services for digital signage. The company offers content design, management, distribution, monitoring, integration and support services for digital-signage providers. X2O's award-winning Xpresenter provides ease of use coupled with the high-quality output at a fraction of the time and cost of higher-end solutions.
ZipCast — Booth 749 ZipCast provides strategic advertising screen placements in restaurants, taxis, banks, supermarkets and other high-traffic locations. ZipCast enables clients to target and reach their customers, improve brand equity and increase ROI. Meanwhile, giving clients complete flexibility to manage campaigns and change creative.

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