Valentine's Day 'Invisible Coca-Cola Machine' only appears to couples

Feb. 21, 2014 | by Christopher Hall

For Valentine's Day this year, Coca-Cola rolled out a special gift for couples — and left singles out in the cold.

Coca-Cola has a long history of creatively combining digital signage and its vending machines — from the machines that would only dispense a soda if you danced, to the machines that allowed people in strife-riven India and Pakistan to reach out and see one another — and this one continues the tradition.

"The Invisible Coca-Cola Machine," as Coke dubbed the concept on its YouTube channel, was hidden behind a screen that blended in with a wall and remained "invisible" when people walking by themselves passed by. But when a couple approached, the machine revealed itself and asked for their names before launching a light show and dispensing personalized cans of Coca-Cola. Singles might see it, but only if they happened to see a couple activate the "hidden" digital signage vending machine.

Coke's website wasn't particularly forthcoming with the details behind the promotion, other than repeating the sparse information it provided via Youtube. Still, the video alone is evidence enough that the brand continues to deploy digital signage technology with a fun, innovative flair.

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