Shoppers using digital signage 'mirror' to try on clothes on social media (Video)

Aug. 17, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

The digital signage OmniMirror from Australian software company 5 Faces, is among the ideas lauded today by the city council of Brisbane, Australia, as part of the city's third annual business innovation scorecard, according to The (Victoria) Herald Sun.

The OmniMirror display is a video mirror that lets shoppers snap photos of themselves trying on clothes that they can then upload to social media sites so their Facebook friends and Twitter followers can let the shopper know what they think about the outfits.

The technology is already being used in area retailers such as Sportsgirl and Lorna Jane, according to the Herald Sun.

"These results show Brisbane businesses are world-class innovators and the case studies presented in this year's Scorecard will inspire more businesses to look at how they can apply innovation in their organization," Lord Mayor Graham Quirk told a reporter from The (Brisbane) Courier-Mail. "The understanding and adoption OmniMirror on Facebookof innovation best practice is vital to our industry's capacity to be globally competitive and grow our export potential as a city."

The concept is similar to the delayMirror from digital signage firm ComQi, a "video mirror" that provides a continual delayed video feed which allows shoppers to see themselves as they were three seconds ago. The delayMirror allows the shopper to turn and see the clothes they're trying on from all angles in a dressing room.

ComQi CTO Max Stevens-Guille said earlier this year when the delayMirror was launched, "When you look at yourself in the delayMirror it is almost as if you were looking at someone else — a digital double. They look like you, dress like you but they are doing what you did a few moments ago."

The delayMirror was developed by ComQi in conjunction with John Paul Bichard of Creative Advisor Group — a spinoff of the Interactive Institute Stockholm — where it was invented.

Check out a video of the OmniMirror below:

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