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Jan. 26, 2011

The "Mission Impossible" movies are known to stretch the capabilities of technology, but they may not be too far off when it comes to the media SeePoint Technology recently designed for Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M.

From nuclear weapons and defense strategies to infrastructure and homeland security, Sandia is responsible for delivering top-secret information to VIPs, including high-level military and congressional personnel, said Jonathan Arfin, president of SeePoint. The company developed DisplayPoint, a 42-inch LCD interactive, touch-screen kiosk that Sandia officials can use in a tour room to display that highly-classified content. It can also update information within seconds.

"Reducing much administrative effort, the system can provide new content in seconds generating a paperless path, said Jonathan Arfin, president of SeePoint. "Supporting national security for more than 300 million Americans, Sandia needs to inform and educate their top clearance personnel in an extremely private and timely manner−SeePoint's DisplayPointkiosk does just that."

Arfin said DisplayPoint allows the end user to simply highlight key points with his finger and navigate through multiple websites, videos or presentations.

Sandia, which develops science-based technologies to support national security, now has the "largest true touch LCD on the market," Afrin said. "With life-size pictures, the content can be read from across the room, and the viewer can use a whole hand instead of just a fingertip to interact with the application."

Some may wonder if being able to view secret content from across the room is a good idea, but the DisplayPoint is in a "secure" room that only allows people with the correct level of clearance, according to Afrin.  And although Seepoint does offer a network security package, government agencies, such as Sandia, are not allowed to use another party’s security service. So the system is run completely on Sandia’s network security.

Representatives from Sandia could not comment on this story.

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