NFL cities talk trash via digital billboards

Jan. 21, 2013 | by Christopher Hall

The NFL's Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots met for the second year in a row for the right to move on to the Super Bowl — and digital billboards in the two competing cities also got in on the act with dueling billboard messages.

Clear Channel Outdoor Boston's Twitter feed and Facebook page both featured pictures last week of a Massachusetts billboard dedicated to counting down the moments till the AFC Championship — which it said would be a retirement party for Ravens linebacker (and Patriots nemesis) Ray Lewis, who has said he will retire at season's end:

Countdown to Ray Lewis retirement

Perhaps in response, Clear Channel Outdoor DC's Facebook page featured pictures of a Baltimore-area billboard telling New England to "Bring it on."

Bring it on New England

After Lewis' Ravens rallied to defeat the Patriots in Sunday's game, CCO Boston showed some humor and good grace by posting this picture to its Twitter feed, acknowledging the egg on its face:

Egg on your billboard face

CCO Boston also engaged with the social media universe over the billboard — and at least one Baltimore Ravens player, wide receiver Torrey Smith, who tweeted out this message: "Someone in New England wasted a lot of money on that Ray Lewis retirement billboard."

The Boston outdoor agency responded with "Congrats on the victory. We really appreciate the tweets about our in-house billboard. Good luck in the Super Bowl."

Another Twitter user asked CCO Boston, "you realize how silly and ridiculous you guys look now after that stunt?" to which the company responded via Twitter, "Maybe to some, but this also is a testimonial of the power of billboards."

And of course, CCO DC had the last laugh, with this picture posted to its Facebook page:

The last word in billboard feuds

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