How to make digital signage pay for itself

July 20, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

Reducing costs and adhering to strict budgets is a key consideration behind any business decision. Decision makers are looking for solutions that can address more than one need and span multiple areas of the business. Any business expenditure, from digital signage to new accounting software, stands a much better chance of getting approved if it can offset the initial investment.

A recent webinar sponsored by Omnivex Corp. and hosted by DigitalSignageToday, "How to Make Your Digital Signage Pay for Itself," looked at how to do just that with new digital signage installations.

Led by Omnivex Corp. CEO and Director of Software Development Doug Bannister, the webinar looked at how digital signage enables organizations to garner real business benefits with both customer and employee-facing content. From kiosks and menu boards to interactive wayfinding, digital signage is a multipurpose technology that can benefit all areas of a business and address its unique and changing needs.

Bannister started with an overview of the general benefits of digital signage, looking at how the technology can be networked with smart devices and kiosks to mobilize data across a business infrastructure, sdescriing how attendees could sell digital signage to their organization by exploring and unlocking the value of their network.

Starting out, Bannister cautioned, is a time to make sure of an organizations fundamentals and needs, and not get caught up in flashy new technology capabilities.

"You should actually not start with technology, you should start with your requirements," he said. "So what are your requirements, what are your measures of success?"

Then he talked about the "explosion of devices," from PCs to displays to smartphones, that have led to a kind of technology convergence, of which digital signage can be a part.

Digital signage crosses silos in a company, and a business' data is its currency, Bannister said, and networking that data can make it actionable.

The presentation also briefly looked at the evolution of digital signage from digital posters to interactive digital signage to "intelligent digital signage" which communicates with smartphones and other devices.

Then the talk turned to the meat of the webinar, the benefits of digital signage that deliver measurable benefits:

  • Sales uplift
  • Advertising revenue
  • Improved efficiencies/cost reductions
  • Traffic flows (moving people around)

But there are also less obvious benefits to deploying digital signage if an organization sells it across the organization as a tool that can be used enterprise-wide. Companies have realized cost savings from sharing information across locations via signage and have spread the capital expenses across multiple departments. They have seen improved efficiencies from providing employee trainings via digital signage and have found benefits from using the technology in creative ways — by tying it into sales force and scheduling softwares, or by doing targeted marking to conduct trials and promos.

"What we really want to do is not focus on the tip of the iceberg, but focus on the 90 percent underneath...all the extra value that you can gain," Bannister said.

Watch the on-demand version of the free webinar here now.

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