Get on the bus: Omnivex hits Apex with GPS-based digital signage (Video)

March 7, 2011 | by Christopher Hall

Destinations Shuttle Services' deployment of Omnivex digital signage software to power location-based advertising and real-time shuttle and flight information in Los Angeles recently won a Gold Apex award at this year's Digital Signage Expo.

Destinations uses Omnivex GPSLink software to drive location-based advertising on its shuttle buses, and also uses its software to power displays in hotel lobbies that show real-time bus schedule information and flight departure and arrival information at LAX.

Omnivex showcased its GPSLink software at DSE 2011, as well as its new wayfinding module and several add-ons that work with its Moxie software, like Intel's Audience Impression Metrics suite.

GPSLink, the AIM suite from Intel and the wayfinding module reflect Omnivex's history (The company got its start in the financial services industry, pushing data out to stock tickers.) and continued emphasis on taking information from a data source, formatting it for display and pushing it out to a display in real-time.

"Those kinds of things tie in very nicely with our software because one of the big differentiators for Omnivex ... is our focus on data and our ability to tie into existing data systems, gather that in, handle it in real-time, push it out to the screens and then use that data to really control what's shown on the screen," Omnivex CEO Doug Bannister said at DSE.

Omnivex focuses on delivering enterprise-level strategic communications platforms, rather than displaying pretty pictures on a screen, he said. The software can use a variety of external cues or triggers to determine what the viewer sees, from barcodes to GPS coordinates to information from a database.

With Omnivex's Wayfinding module, the system renders in real-time the best route from point A to point B, based on someone selecting their own destination, and the software also can take into account obstructions like out-of-service escalators or closed walkways. The system also can send out the directions in text form to cell phones as an SMS message.

Omnivex also displayed at the show a train station pilot it's working on for a client in Norway that pulls in train schedule information in real-time to display up-to-date arrival times for waiting passengers.

The system Destination Shuttle Services uses on its 32 buses at LAX and in 13 partner hotel locations uses meta-data attached to the media assets to create smart playlists which specify which ads play and where and when they play.

Passengers arriving in L.A. would be more interested, for instance, in ads showing a nearby steakhouse or other local attractions. And passengers on their way to the airport to catch a departing flight would likely be more interested in content showing food options available in the airport concourse and updated flight departure times.

To see the system in action for yourself, watch the video embedded below.

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