Fiat goes fast for digital signage at the pump (Video)

Dec. 10, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

Italian automaker Fiat has made a splashy re-entry into the North American market, with clever and provocative ad spots touting the company's compact econo-cars on the airwaves, during the Super Bowl and now at the gas pump.

Fiat is launching a new digital out-of-home-specific advertisement on digital signage screens at gas pumps across the country through Gas Station TV, which says it reaches more than 37 million monthly viewers at leading gas retailers in 110-plus U.S. DMAs, according to an announcement from GSTV.

GSTV debuts the new commercial today for the 2013 FIAT 500, marking the first time an automotive brand has created advertising tailored specifically for GSTV, the company said.

Casey Hurbis, head of Fiat Brand Communications, said in an email that targeting digital out-of-home, particularly a gas station DOOH network, is an obvious play for a car company.

"The gas space is attractive for car companies because, at the most basic level, its viewers are 100 percent drivers," he said. "Additional factors such as the medium's contextual relevance to automotive and the endemic, captive environment through which it presents messaging increases its appeal."

Created in partnership with Doner of Detroit, the spot, titled "Deer Blind," features a vigilant Fiat 500 devotee apparently hiding inside of the gas pump in an effort to catch a rare glimpse of the elusive, fuel-efficient FIAT 500 at the pump.

"The gas media platform presents an interesting opportunity to showcase the fuel efficiency of the Fiat 500 in a unique way," Hurbis said in the GSTV announcement. "Integrating the physical gas pump as a key part of the creative helped us to develop an experience that is organic to the gas station environment, and consequently, one that is much more engaging for viewers."

Though the FIAT 500 spot is the first time the GSTV network will air an automotive ad made for its screens, the company said it consistently develops marketing programs that help advertisers integrate their message into the consumer experience at the pump.

"At GSTV, we pride ourselves on digging deep to come up with unique solutions for our clients. I'm honored that that FIAT Brand North America and Doner recognized that, and entrusted their foray into the gas space to our team," GSTV CEO David Leider said in the announcement.

Digital signage provides a novel way to engage with consumers in a different way, Hurbis said via email.

"As a brand re-introducing itself into the North American market, it is important to build product and brand awareness through various advertising mediums, including digital signage," he said. "This allows us to expose people to the Fiat brand by capturing their attention in an engaging manner."

Watch the "Deer Blind" spot for Fiat below:

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