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Katy Dailey is the communications specialist for CE labs, manufacturer of electronics, a/v products and creative services specific to the digital signage industry.
Digital signage continues to gain momentum as an effective marketing tool in today's retail environment. Since digital signage is still a relatively new technology, there is not a general understanding of what it takes to run a successful campaign once the hardware has been purchased. Let's talk about content.
Content is the media that will play on your display. Content can consist of imagery, footage or a combination of both. Think of content as mini-commercials featuring your product or message. Creating content from scratch is an option, but not the most cost effective. The most cost effective option is repurposing your existing print marketing materials to create a digital campaign.
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A major commercial retail chain recently approached my company for guidance regarding their digital signage content creation. They were spending a significant amount of money on national print advertisement campaigns and were now faced with the additional expense of content creation for their digital signage. The additional cost was daunting and not in their budget. We suggested repurposing.
Repurposing was suggested to not only save the retail chain money, but to reinforce their branding. The retailers' current campaign was reaching their targeted audience every week via mailers. Our suggestion was to reinforce their pre-existing campaign by animating the print materials already in circulation and featuring them on displays in the retail stores. This created yet another touch-point for their marketing campaign and added to its recognition.
Utilizing pre-existing marketing material reinforces your company's branding by maintaining its consistency and integrity. Your brand can easily become less effective each time you recreate your marketing pieces through various design firms and content companies. To maintain and reinforce your company's brand, you must deliver a uniform and consistent experience to the customer, every time. Without consistency you are not reinforcing your brand and the success of your campaign will suffer. The most successful brands consistently reinforce their message over time.
A company interested in digital signage that is currently running a successful print media campaign is a step ahead of the game. We have found that repurposing our clients' print material to a digital format results in an instantly recognizable campaign at a fraction of the cost. We are able to offer quick turnaround times since the content is pre-existing.
I hope you can now breathe a little easier knowing there is an alternative to high priced content creation. Repurposing your companies pre-existing marketing materials is not only cost effective, but beneficial to your branding strategy. Before you start from scratch, consider the benefits of repurposing with the help of an experienced company.

Topics: Content Design and Aesthetics

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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