DOmedia allies with Telmar for DOOH plans/buys

May 1, 2012 | by Christopher Hall

Out-of-home advertising marketplace DOmedia recently announced a new alliance with Telmar Group Inc., a global supplier of advertising media information software and services.

According to the announcement sent out by the two firms, "the alliance will enable Telmar's agency clients to turn their media plans developed with Telmar systems into media buys through DOmedia's agency software. Additionally, DOmedia's agency clients will be able to use Telmar's planning analytics ... on proposals requested through DOmedia."

The key to the alliance is creating new efficiencies and reducing lag time in planning, buying and deploying ads in out-of-home and digital out-of-home, DOmedia CEO Rich Langdale said in an interview today.

Langdale was at the TAB/OAAA expo in Miami, where he said OAAA President Nancy Fletcher recently spoke about the importance of creating just these kinds of efficiencies, similar to what is available in broadcast, in out-of-home advertising.

Planning and buying, historically, are disconnected in the agencies, Langdale said. They would use a planning tool, such as Telmar, to plan a buy and then use a buying tool, such as DOmedia, to execute the buy, he said.

"That lack of conenctivity creates unnecessary inefficiencies, so by partnering together and creating a seamless transition between planning and buying, we now make it easier and more efficient for the whole buying process, thus saving time and money," he said.

The announcement continued:

The connection between Telmar and DOmedia will lead with Out-of-Home media, and will follow with additional media. With its ... Universal API, all plans and buy requests (RFPs) generated through the connection can be completed either directly through this new platform or via third-party services such as authorized buying exchanges, ad servers and financial systems.

The Telmar and DOmedia Strategic Alliance will address the proliferation of communication by providing media professionals' with the ability to increase their focus on strategic and creative decision making.

"Our alliance with DOmedia marks an evolution in the service spectrum that Telmar offers," remarks Corey Panno, President of Telmar Group Inc. "This increase in functionality is vital given the heightened importance of targeting the right demographic throughout the media planning process. The last thing a media planner needs to worry about is how to mesh data gathering with the analytical phase of media planning with the proposal and implementation process."

The deal means that for digital signage and digital out-of-home, Langdale said, it will take advantage of how digital signage is "uniquely suited" to deliver quick, timely, targeted, dayparted messages to consumers — as well as enable quicker connectivity in getting content from creative through planning, buying, trafficking and then delivering proof-of-performance analyses.

"So basically an entire end-to-end solution is now available where before those were all disconnected pieces, which created inefficiencies, but also lags, and that timeliness could be lost by those inefficiencies," he said. "This is more efficient, more timely and really takes advantage of digital signage's ability to deliver that timely, targeted message."

As for what it will mean for the digital signage sector at large, time will tell. Perhaps it will serve as an example for others to follow, or maybe, as longtime DOOH observer Dave Haynes put it on his 16:9 blog, "I've no idea how meaningful this will be in activity, but if there is value in the company you keep then DOmedia just developed a very nice alliance with advertising planning giant Telmar Group Inc."

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