DisplaySearch Digital Signage Conference: How to snag stimulus money for digital signage

Aug. 10, 2009

Silicon Valley will become the center of attention for the digital signage world in the first week of September, as DisplaySearch tackles topics from financing to advertising at its second-annual Digital Signage Conference. The event is being tagged "Flat Panel Displays Go Out-of-Home," and is poised to offer more than just flat panel display (FPD) market updates from the research company.

Chris Connery, vice president of the PC and Large Format Commercial Display Market Research Group at DisplaySearch believes the recent U.S. government stimulus initiatives will open up a door for organizations to consider adding FPDs, particularly in the education and transportation sectors.

We will be tweeting live from the event on Sept. 1
"It is great that the government is being more open with where all the stimulus money is going, but one of the goals of this conference is to get down to opportunities at the digital signage level," Connery said.

The conference will comprise five sessions where experts from all facets of the flat-panel display and digital signage markets will address near- and long-term outlooks for these sectors.

Session 1: Commercial-Use Displays Through the Eyes of the FPD/Hardware Industry
Speakers from some of the top FPD manufacturers, including LG, Samsung and HP will be featured in this market analysis presentation. The panel will discuss flat panel LCD enhancements over the past year, as well as how LCD stacks up against other forms of digital out-of-home display, such as plasma and LED.

Session 1 speakers

Chris Connery, DisplaySearch

Doug Albregts, Samsung

Andy Bowden, Hewlett-Packard

Jeff Dowell, LG Electronics Thomas Wyatt, Cisco

Jose Avalos, Intel
Connery said discussions in this session will also look forward to where FPD companies are headed in the future.

"You will see analogies throughout the conference about how other industries have come about," he said. "For example, the railroad industry got into the hotel business so people would have a place to stay. Likewise, does it make sense for display companies to get into the media business in order to sell more displays? They're looking for the next big market and how they can build infrastructures there."

Session 2: New Digital Signage Business Models
Scala and Wireless Ronin executives will examine the potential ROI behind both software-as-a-service and licensed software models for digital signage.

Session 2 speakers

Jeff Porter, Scala

Bob Burtis, National City Media Finance (PNC)

Scott Koller, Wireless Ronin

In addition, Bob Burtis of National City Media finance will address the challenges of financing digital signage and compare several models for doing so, including using up-front capital as opposed to relying on revenue from paid content. Methods for acquiring financing for networks and perceived risk factors will also be presented.

Session 3: Distribution as a Value-Add in This Emerging Market
Session 3 speakers   

Kevin Prewett, Ingram Micro

Mark Wilkins, Stampede

Sam Taylor, Almo Professional AV

Eddie Franklin, Synnex

Representatives from the top digital signage and Pro AV distribution companies will discuss on the added advantages of IT distribution in terms of reach, logistics and focus, as well as the changing role of a specialty distributor in the channel. The session will offer a different perspective on the market, since distributors serve as the link between digital signage resellers and hardware and software solution companies.
Session 4: OOH Outdoor and Indoor: Comparisons Using Today's Technology
Session 4 speakers

Dave Colley, Horizon Display

Marco Cohen, GDS

Ken Neeld, Delphi Display

Three digital signage display companies will review requirements for using FPDs in different environmental conditions in this session. They will also review success stories and challenges from companies which have taken screens outdoors, as well as ventured into new trends with digital signage such as touch and POS software integration.
Session 5: Crossing the Chasm from the Printed Page to the Digital Age
This session will take into consideration the advertising end of digital signage, also called digital out-of-home (DOOH). The discussion is slated to cover the progress of standardized metrics for DOOH, ways to generate ROI through digital signage advertising and integrating digital advertising into existing digital signage networks.

Session 5 speakers

Roman Kosinov, JC Decaux

Lyle Bunn, BUNN Co.

Pierre Richer, NEC Display Solutions

"The age when ‘50 percent of the advertising budget is a waste' is past, since audience and impact measurements are essential to the decision to use any communications medium in modern marketing," said Lyle Bunn, principal and strategy architect of BUNN Co. and a member of the panel. "All successful industries have a common characteristic - a technology breakthrough that enables economies and efficiencies, or fundamentally better ways of doing something. DOOH is following this same pattern, fueled by a measurement feedback system that drives best practices.

The DisplaySearch Digital Signage Conference: Flat Panel Displays Go Out-of-Home will take place on Sept. 1, 2009, at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, Calif. To view the latest agenda in detail and register for the conference visit www.displaysearch.com/digitalsignage2009.


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Companies: Ingram Micro Pro AV/Digital Signage Team , LG Electronics USA, Inc. , Cisco Systems , Samsung Electronics America , Horizon Display

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