Display tech powers telehealth kiosk checkups at CES (Video)

Jan. 9, 2013

Digital signage displays are scattered thoughout the floor of this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, hawking games and tablets and TVs — but display technology also is hiding inside one of the more interesting products on the show floor, a health care kiosk that remotely connects patients and physicians.

The HealthSpot Station relies in a connected display to allow patients to step in and have a face-to-face chat and checkup with a doctor from far away.

"HealthSpot creates an integrated network of board-certified physicians delivering cutting-edge health care through modern technology," parent company HealthSpot said in a statement.

The private, 8-foot-by-5-foot walk-in kiosk provides acute-care patients, including those living in remote locations, access to diagnosis and treatment by board-certified doctors Healthspot kioskthrough high-definition video conferencing and interactive, digital telehealth tools.

Patients receive a doctor-guided self-service medical examination that provides real-time vital signs and images to the physician. Condition diagnosis is made possible using equipment such as an instant-read thermometer, a dermascope that provides magnified views of skin conditions, or an otoscope that projects high-resolution images of the inner ear for both the doctor and patient to see.

Once the exam is complete, the HealthSpot kiosk automatically creates an electronic medical record of the visit that can be shared with the patient's primary care physician or specialist, or saved for their personal records. According to HealthSpot Founder and CEO Steve Cashman, the kiosk's ability to merge technology and convenience could aid in the country's expansion of health care.

"Trends in health care demand innovative solutions to increase access to health care services at a cost-effective price," Cashman said. "It is simply physically impossible for our country's health care system to continue on its current path."

Although still in a testing phase in Ohio, the company is in the process of establishing a network of doctors, with target locations such as grocery stores and urgent care facilities in mind for this year's anticipated deployment.

"We are making it possible to seamlessly deliver advanced health care through modern technology," Cashman said in a statement. "We are not just hardware; we are not just software; we are a complete integrated network of traditional doctor care and cutting-edge telemedicine. We are health care reinvented."

Check out this demo video for a better look inside the HealthSpot:

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