Digital signage getting a kick out of sports

Jan. 27, 2014 | by Christopher Hall

2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for sports, with the Sochi Olympics and the FIFA World Cup on the schedule — and digital signage and digital out-of-home are getting warmed up in the bullpen to take advantage.

Sports in general and big sporting events in particular are easy draws for masses of eyes, and a boon for advertisers looking to reach a mass audience.

So digital signage solution providers such as Matrox and dnp Denmark and out-of-home agencies such as Ocean Outdoor are looking to offer ways for venues, advertisers and end-users to take advantage of the drawing power of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

For instance, Matrox graphics Inc. last year reported that its Matrox Mura MPX single-slot, output/input controller boards were used to capture and display live sporting events on an 18-display video wall installation at a West Virginia sports bar.

Also, Ocean Outdoor recently rolled out its Score:Board solution to offer advertisers the ability to "promote and create awareness around 2014's biggest sporting events" using the company's digital out-of-home portfolio across the U.K.

And optical projection screen supplier dnp Denmark — in conjunction with partner xScreen Interactive — announced it has started the rollout of its Public Viewing concept at sports-related facilities across Europe:

The main trigger is the upcoming World Cup Football in Brazil, coming [in] June and July. Live broadcasts of the matches provide a perfect setting for locations with [food and beverage] facilities (bars, hotels and clubhouses) to engage visitors with live football entertainment broadcasts on bigsScreens in (Full) HD quality.

When it comes to live sport events, football is by far the most watched content in Europe and when it comes to the World Cup fans tend to massively gather together at public locations to enjoy it live. With 13 (out of 32) countries from Europe having qualified for the World Cup, sports fans throughout most of the Old Continent are making their preparations for the world's premier sports event.

In the West Virgina sports bar, AV installers Hitplay used Mura MPX's universal input channel support to source digital, analog and HDCP-compliant signals, and output them across a group of displays or the entire video wall. To further simplify video wall management, they integrated a Crestron 2-Series Control System so operators could send content and layout commands to the wall via a user-friendly iPad interface, according to an announcement from Matrox.

sports bar video wall

The AV team also designed a tailor-made graphical user interface loaded with preconfigured layouts. Employees manage the control platform with simple iPad touchscreen instructions that determine where and how the content appears on the video wall, the company said.

But video walls, digital billboards and LCD displays aren't the only way to deliver digital signage content. The dnp Denmark white-label solution uses a 100-inch screen combined with an ultrashort-throw projector to display sports content in full-HD image quality to enhance customer experience and increase viewer engagement, the company said. All of which is aimed at lengthening customers' visits and drawing more venue traffic (as well as allowing advertisers to display messaging on-screen).

(Watch a video from Ocean about the Score:Board program below:)

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Photos courtesy of Matrox graphics Inc.

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