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Jan. 25, 2009
It doesn't matter how many times the phrase "Content is King" reverberates through the offices of digital signage companies worldwide, there are still impressive screen networks out there with less-than-impressive content.
In 2008, the Digital Signage Association commissioned its Best Practices Committee to develop a set of best practices for digital signage content creation. The result was a 35-page document that compiled the advice and experiences from numerous content creation and digital signage companies, including MediaTile, Symon, Dynasign, Wireless Ronin, John Ryan and Microspace.
Webinar information
"Content Best Practices for Digital Signage Networks"
Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009 
Noon, EST 
Moderator: David Drain, DSA
Keith Kelsen, MediaTile
Michael Chase, St. Joseph Content
Nancy Radermecher, John Ryan
"As an industry we have been wrapped up in solving the technology problem and now we need to focus on the content problem," said Keith Kelsen, chair of the Content Best Practices Committee for the DSA and executive chairman of the MediaTile Company. "You can have great technology, but the network will fail without great content. It's kind of like when TV first started, the programming was new and different and it took time to advance the sophistication of the content. Today we have even better sense of content based on all the years of creating content for the other screens." 
To present the document to the digital signage industry, the Association will host a webinar on Jan. 29, 2009, where it will take participants through the list of best practices, along with provide insight from some of the top content developers in the industry.
Speaking during the webinar will be Keith Kelsen of MediaTile, Michael Chase, vice president of marketing and creative, St. Joseph Content, and Nancy Radermecher, president of John Ryan. The session will be moderated by David Drain, executive director of the Digital Signage Association.
As part of the best practices, the three panel members will also discuss:
• How to create powerful content that drives results • How to structure playlists to achieve maximum effect; loop times, day parts and update frequency • Adding elements that create additional viewer interest such as weather, news and subscription services • Understanding environmental issues such as display placement, location, and traffic

"One of the best practices outlined in the document and the webinar is ‘Understanding there is a process for creating great effective content,'" Kelsen said. "By asking yourself key questions about the network, your audience and your objectives, your content and results will be successful."

Anyone can participate in the webinar, but only DSA members have access to the Content Best Practices for Digital Signage Networks document. For information on joining the Association, contact David Drain.

Topics: Content Design and Aesthetics

Companies: DYNASIGN , MediaTile , Microspace Communication Corp.

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