Analytics and digital signage do double duty for virtual concierge (Video)

Dec. 11, 2012

It sounds like a diabolical plot by a criminal mastermind, but it's really just good business sense. While serving up helpful information or directions, collect valuable consumer data at the same time.

The latest digital signage virtual concierge solution from kiosk and self-service firm Parabit works to pull double duty in that not-so-nefarious model and to offer businesses a harder hitting ROI with the use of detailed analytics. During the recent Customer Engagement Technology World show in New York City, Parabit showcased its Virtual Concierge digital signage kiosk for use in the hospitality and retail industries — one that meets the needs of both the user and the deployer.

Parabit's Joanna Pawlowska demonstrated how the kiosk can be set up in either a list mode or brochure mode, depending on the individual use-case. List mode would be preferable for an environment such as a trade show or convention center event for the use of its search functionality, Pawlowska said.

"In a retail environment I would recommend a brochure mode," she said, as it "tends to be more visual, grasping the attention of your clients."

But the most significant feature of the kiosk is the information it can retrieve from users, Pawlowska said.

"The most unique aspect of our application versus what's in the market is the logistics," she said. "This particular information can give very detailed reports as far as ad placement within the actual screen of the kiosk."

Pawlowska explained that, with regards to data capture, retailers can see exactly who was on their kiosks, what time they were used and what information was requested from it. And while the kiosk is still in its testing phase as the company incorporates more wayfinding functions, Pawlowska said they are confident the Virtual Concierge will satisfy an unmet market need.

"Integrating digital signage ads with the digital brochures, along with wayfinding, really provides a turnkey solution," she said. 

Watch the video below for a look at Parabit's Virtual Concierge kiosk:

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