A primer on digital signage advertising

Feb. 12, 2013 | by Christopher Hall

Digital signage software provider Omnivex Corp. and Digital Signage Today recently held an educational webinar entitled "Improving Advertising Effectiveness with Digital Signage" that serves as a useful primer for potential deployers on the benefits of digital signage advertising.

Omnivex CEO and Director of Software Development Doug Bannister delivered a presentation that looked at the development of digital signage and its benefits in delivering targeted messaging and increasing brand awareness. Following that, the webinar went into a lengthy question-and-answer period, with Bannister fielding a range of questions from the audience.

The webinar was intended to look at how advertisers are always looking for more effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers. By investing in digital signage, advertisers are able to create dynamic content in tighter timeframes by eliminating the need to produce, distribute and dispose of print collateral.

This content can also be delivered more effectively by using data to determine when and where a particular ad should be displayed. By making the message contextual and relevant to the viewer, the impact of brand messaging increases substantially.

Bannister looked at how digital signage is a targeted medium, with a valuable combination of relevance, convenience and control, compared to other media.

"The advantage here is you own the message ... and it can be targeted right to an individual or individuals," he said.

After delivering some background information on digital signage, Bannister mentioned an exit survey done by one of his company's retail banking customers (of 3,000 customers) that showed a 75 percent recall of viewing digital signage display content.

It's clear digital signage works, so it's time to see how to make it more effective, he said, before looking at digital signage benefits such as targeted messaging, increased brand awareness, audience interaction and differentiation from competitors.

Digital signage is targeted, allowing advertisers "to get information to the right person, at the right time, in the right place," he said.

The long Q&A session following his presentation was equally informative, with questions such as, "How common is the use of facial recognition for analytics? And can that drive the content?"

"That's becoming very popular," Bannister said, before mentioning some potential speed bumps to its implementation. Still, he said, "the more information you can gather about your audience the better prepared you will be to control what's shown on the screen. So I'm in full favor if they work for you."

Download the free, on-demand version of the webinar here.

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