6 easy ways to boost holiday sales with digital signage

Nov. 19, 2013

By Ross McClymonds

Vice President of Global Sales, Mvix(USA)

The holidays are nearly upon us, and the oncoming holiday sales season is crucially important for retailers.

Digital signage offers many benefits in retail, but here are six ways to easily increase holiday sales using in-store digital signage. These strategies are so easy to implement, retailers could be leaving money right smack on the table if they're not using even the most basic digital signage.

1. Feature your most profitable and hottest items to drive up sales

Decide which of your products best balance profitability and demand, and feature those on digital signage displays, strategically positioned in the store. Research has shown that sales on items advertised on digital signage displays can skyrocket over 15 percent.

2. Offer and publicize special deals to spread the word and make money

What better way to publicize a sale or deal than on a digital signage display, making it known to the world (or, at least to your customers)? Just put a display, or several, in your store or restaurant and watch word spread and sales revenues increase.

3. Advertise your loyalty program and/or customer newsletter

Loyalty programs are great ways to, well, create fanatically loyal customers. Let your beloved customers know that you have a loyalty program or newsletter. And here's a little free marketing advice: We even encourage you to advertise a limited-time incentive to give customers an extra reason to sign up today.

4. Get sponsorships from manufacturers and vendors — and get paid for them

Manufacturers are always looking to sell more product — and you are, too. That shared interest adds up to a potential sponsorship opportunity that you can capitalize on right now. Do you like a product you sell, or think it would sell like hotcakes if more people knew about it? Call up the manufacturer and offer them an ad spot on your digital signage display, where they'll get the attention of all your customers' eyeballs.

5. Tell customers your story and what makes you different

People don't connect with manufacturers, products —  or even money. They connect with other people, emotions and ideals that help them lead a better, happier life. Believe it or not, they want to hear your story and the story of your business — and what separates you from your competitors.

Tell them your story and see customer loyalty and engagement skyrocket. Create a video or a simple, short slideshow with pictures they can relate to. Inspire them and make them connect with your story. Then watch loyalty — and profits — soar.

6. Engage customers and give them helpful information

Showing people that you care can go a long way. And you can show your customers that you care by giving them useful information about the weather, their stocks or even your company's blog feed while they're checking out. Digital signage can easily help with all of these, so your customers can have a world-class shopping experience — and know what kind of winter weather to expect on the road home — courtesy of you.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips and that you can now see how digital signage could be a major boon to your holiday business — even long after the tree (or menorah, or whatever represents your particular holiday!) comes down.

Ross McClymonds is vice president of global sales for Mvix(USA), which develops technology and solutions for HD digital signage systems, interactive kiosks, video-wall solutions and cloud-based media content management systems. He has more than 10 years of  experience in business development and in multiple facets of enterprise-scale technology.

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