5 for February: The most-read digital signage stories of the month

March 3, 2014 | by Christopher Hall

The shortest month of the year was also one of the busiest months of the year for the digital signage sector. The industry's preeminent trade show and exposition was held mid-month in Las Vegas, and news from the show dominates the list of the top five most-read stories on Digital Signage Today for the month of February.

With news about Google and Valentine's Day both, it was an interesting little month.

So without further ado, here are February's most-viewed articles on Digital Signage Today, in reverse order:

5) "Valentine's Day 'Invisible Coca-Cola Machine' only appears to couples" — For Valentine's Day this year, Coca-Cola rolled out a special gift for couples — and left singles out in the cold. But only if those singletons happened to see a couple activate the "hidden" digital signage vending machine.

"The Invisible Coca-Cola Machine" was hidden behind a screen that blended in with a wall and remained "invisible" when people walking by themselves passed by. But when a couple approached, the machine revealed itself and asked for their names before launching a light show and dispensing personalized cans of Coca-Cola.

4) "The business case for digital signage in the waiting line" — This white paper excerpt took a look at how digital signage reduces perceived wait times, increases customer recall and improves selling opportunities.

3) "DSE14 honors the best of the best in digital signage" — At this year's Digital Signage Expo in las Vegas, the DSE honored its annual Apex and Content award winners, including the "BMW i: A Window Into the Near Future" project, nominated by kbs + Spies & Assassins, which took top honors in both categories.

2) "DSE14: Dunkin' Donuts serves up digital menu boards" — Also at DSE, Dunkin' Donuts and NCR Corp. shared some key lessons learned from Dunkin's transition from a digital menu board pilot to a systemwide rollout. "Mistakes will be made; it's better to make them in the pilot not the deployment," an NCR Corp. exec said during the presentation. "[The pilot] has been a crucial map ... It's been a process of exploration. If you're not doing it, you're going into a rollout blind and really doing yourself and your franchisees a disservice."

1) "Google comes to the digital signage side" — Google made big news at DSE when Intel and Google execs announced that the search engine and Internet services behemoth is looking to move into the digital signage space. What exactly this will mean for the future of the industry, or how it will affect the industry, were hot topics of debate throughout the show.

And, since Digital Signage Today got just as caught up as everyone else in the tumult of preparing for another DSE, here is a bonus list of the top five most-read articles on the site for January as well:

5) "Looking ahead to the digital signage year to come, 2014"

4) "NRF14: Selling digital signage to the sellers"

3) "That was the digital signage year that was, 2013"

2) "McDonald's UK getting a taste of digital signage"

1) "Digital signage trends in 'The 7 Key Elements' for 2014"

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