InfoComm13: Philips plugs in IPTV digital signage

Display manufacturer Philips Signage Solutions signaled its plans to make a bigger play in the digital signage space with its new IP Signage solution at this year's InfoComm in Orlando, Fla.

In another blow to the digital signage media player as a discrete entity, Philips is launching in Q3 of this year its version of IPTV for digital signage, IP-addressable displays to which content is streamed from a centralized hub instead of from an attached media player.

While LG's EzSign TV and Samsung's SoC platforms essentially embed a media player inside the display or on a chip, Philips is instead moving further away from the display by running content on a server or PC and sending it to the screen over the Internet or a corporate intranet.

Philips also showcased its autostereoscopic, "glasses-free" 3D 4K ultra HD screen and its digital menu board displays at the show, but the quiet infographic panel it had on the back of its booth (and reproduced below) was possibly the real news.

Philips is "passionate" about IP Signage, according to Angad Chera, marketing communications strategist for MMD, the name behind Philips Signage Solutions.

"This is where were going as a company," he said. "We're definitely trying to bring some innovative stuff to market."

For now, like most other "media player minus" systems, Philips is positioning IP Signage for the entry-level and "pro-sumer" digital signage markets on displays meant for 14/7 operation instead of 24/7.

According to Chera, the idea behind IP Signage came from consumer-level IPTV systems such as Philips' own Smart TV or Google TV.

"We thought, let's take that consumer technology and commercialize it and bring it into digital signage," he said. "We're definitely taking a different approach and we think a better approach."

Take a look at the Philips IP Signage infographic below:

Philips IP Signage infographic

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