The Wyland Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the world's oceans, waterways and marine life, is rolling out a digital signage kiosk to help its educational efforts.

Over the last five years, the foundation has driven its "Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience," a wyland ds kiosk1,000-square-foot exhibit on wheels, to dozens of schools, communities and local events across the U.S., reaching more than 250,000 students.

This month, the Learning Experience rolls out of its Orange County, Calif., headquarters with a new addition to its educational arsenal — a 46-inch multitouch touchscreen kiosk with gallery showcase software from Horizon Display.

"It's rewarding to see how advancements in technology can help these kids in a big way," said Wyland, an artist and conservationist who founded the foundation in 1993. "The real challenge of teaching children about awareness of any kind is keeping their attention long enough. Our new large touchscreen kiosk does just that."

"This kiosk's low profile and angled monitor face are a comfortable height for the children who will be interfacing with Wyland's art and educational content," said Ryan Miller, display solution specialist for Horizon Display. "Kids today are very comfortable using touchscreens, which we believe can have a far more stimulating and educational experience than simply watching a video."

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  • Steve Gladden
    Imaginique is just one of many design fixtures offered by Horizon Display. Successful interactive digital signage is no longer just about "what" but rather "how." Touch tables, interactive video walls, and of course kiosks create the opportunity to be "strategically obtrusive" to your target audience. It also helps to have a purpose as well defined as our friends at the Wyland Foundation have.

    Learn more about how to leverage touch screen technology for business solutions at
  • Jessica Webster
    We really enjoyed working closely with Steve, Christy and the rest of Wyland team on this project! If you've never seen one of Wyland's Whaling Walls in person. . . well you really should! But a view of it on our gallery showcase software and large touch screen kiosk is arguably a close second. Learn more at
  • Matthew Cutone
    It's great to see that the Imaginique multi-touch display is being utilized for such a great cause.
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