Tips for selecting digital signage displays

The flat-panel display is a highly visible element of digital signage application. During the specification and selection process, it becomes clear that many options exist.


Finding the right digital signage software

As digital out of home media continue to evolve, the role of software is increasingly important. Software is the gateway to processing the mass amounts of data now available to advertisers to shape and direct their messages, providing an unprecedented level of visibility into return on their media dollars.

Why digital displays are a perfect fit for higher education

Perhaps it's no surprise that college and university campuses are increasingly looking to incorporate digital displays into the college experience. University leaders recognize they need to speak the language of college-age students to attract them, and today's students are fluent in digital.

5 ways to maximize retail analytics in brick-and-mortar retail environments

The use of retail analytics in the world of brick-and-mortar retail is intensifying and constantly innovating as retailers use big data and qualitative data to maximize their engagement with customers, learn more about consumer behavior and increase transactional value.

What's driving the digital signage market trends?

Breakthroughs in methods of display-panel production have led to a considerable decline in cost and are predicted to positively affect digital signage market trends.

Digital billboards stress keeping kids learning, safe and healthy this summer

For school children, summer can mean long days at the pool or beach, playing outdoors, perhaps a family vacation or a variety of summer academic programs. For low-income school children, summer can mean too much time away from the classroom.

The doctor is in. And the digital signage is on.

Various magazines still dot the tables and reading racks of physicians' offices, but digital signage is quickly grabbing more interest than that three-year-old copy of "People." Digital signage is being used to entertain and inform patients as they wait their turn to see their doctor.

The growth of the digital signage industry: Are you on hold?

I frequently read reports about the size of the digital signage industry and its expected growth. However, I rarely hear anyone include the digital sign billions of people carry around with them and interact with constantly — the cell phone.

Does the success of 'PokémonGo' mark a turning point in augmented reality experiences?

Over the last week, the entire world has been gripped with Pokémon fever. "Pokémon Go," the interactive, augmented reality-enabled gaming app has captured the attention and imagination of millions of people around the globe.

Projectors bring Japanese artist's vision to life

When a Silicon Valley art museum was chosen for internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Tabaimo's first solo exhibit in the U.S., which included video animations, its staff needed a way to present the exhibit that would stay true to the artist's vision. It also had to be easy to operate and maintain during the six-month show.

6 ways to use digital signage in higher education

These days colleges have an exciting tool to supplement or even supplant cork boards and emails: Digital signage.

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Digital Signage in Corporate Environment | Navori Labs Digital Signage Engine

Integrating and deploying a Digital Signage solution entails more than just installing displays and fire off content – it is all about integrating a tool with the intention of optimizing a communications process towards an audience. This audience can be internal or external

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: NAVORI

Do you have a piece of Your Pie?

It does not matter what industry your business is in, the main goal is to have a larger portion of the market share which then translates to a larger portion of the wallet share. But what is wallet share and why are we constantly trying to increase it, and how?

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Sponsor: Specialized Productions Inc.

Digital Signage – Key to Retail 4.0 Transformation

The retail business is again in the midst of massive transformation - with Retail 4.0 driven by advances of the cloud, big data analytics and the Internet of Things, and growing preference of shoppers for seamless experiences.

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Sponsor: ComQi, Inc.

Considerations in Deploying an LED Display

LED displays are quickly gaining market share, but it’s important to know the pros and cons.

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Why has digital signage taken over from printed sign? | Navori Labs Digital Signage Engine

The transition from print to digital began around 15 years ago and the process is accelerating. Since 2000, the proliferation of LED displays connected to content management systems (CMS) has been driven by many factors.

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Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions

Mvix, a digital signage provider, offers web-based solutions that are robust, scalable, and easy-to-use. Use them in a doctor's waiting room, school, retail store, hotel lobby, airport, restaurant, and more.

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